Criminal’s Epic Fail At Fleeing Police Ends With Police Dog Apprehension

A drug dealer, well known to local police in Calgary, was busted for doing his drug-dealing thing. What happened next was a “fleeing police fail” of epic proportions. When it comes to police dogs, this criminal learned the hard way that you can run, but you can’t hide. Calgary police received a call reporting a suspected drug deal. The encounter was going down in an alleyway near the Sheldon Chumir Health Centre. Police arrived and recognized the known criminal right away. The suspect fled on foot.

Image Calgary Police Youth Foundation/Facebook

Suspect Flees, Being Followed from the Sky

The suspected drug dealer jumped into a nearby truck and took off. He reportedly drove erratically all over the city. He arrived at a residence in Marlborough Park and got out of the truck. He decided to change vehicles. It is unknown whether he knew the resident where he ditched the truck or not.

From the moment the suspect fled the scene, he was being trailed from above by HAWCS. This is the public helicopter patrol service for the community. Surely the suspect could see and hear the copter overhead. Yet and still, he carried on fleeing anyway.

Suspect Ditches Truck for a Motorcycle

At the house where the suspect ditched the truck, he traded vehicles. He jumped onto a motorcycle and continued to make chase. He didn’t care that he was being followed from the sky. He must have thought that he would somehow escape.

His efforts were thwarted in no time at all when the motorcycle he was using to flee ran out of gas! He was seen from the sky pushing the motorcycle, attempting in vain to restart it. He fails and things get scary from there.

Image Calgary Police Youth Foundation/Facebook

Desperate, Crook Carjacks at Gun Point

HAWCS captured the scariest component of criminals making chase. The suspect was armed with a gun and feeling desperate, he took it out. He was seen pointing the gun at a group of people, demanding their car.

He got into the car but realized there were no keys inside. He angrily got out of the car, pointed the gun at the innocent bystanders again, and demanded the keys. By this time, police were closing in on him on the street with K9 Officer Jake in their vehicle.

K9 Officer Jake Quickly Takes Down the Fleeing Suspect

Realizing his options were quickly running out, the criminal took to his feet again. Jake was released. It took the K9 Officer no time at all to apprehend the suspect. He “collared” him, holding the suspect for arrest.

Running from the police is a terrible idea that almost always ends badly for the person fleeing. Thank goodness that innocent lives were not lost during this senseless game of chase.

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Featured Image Calgary Police Youth Foundation/Facebook

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