“Cuddlegrams” Give Your Valentine A Visit From A Furry Bundle Of Love!


Valentine’s Day is coming up, and if you’re looking for a unique gift you know your partner will love, we found it for you!

Some shelters give their pets a break from the noisy kennel environment by offering “cuddlegrams” on Valentine’s Day! You can book a sweet cuddle session for your special someone with a shelter pet who would like nothing more than to be loved on!

Of course there are those who think that it’s mean to take a pet out of the shelter only to return him, but programs like these have way more pros than cons. Shelter staff know the pets in their care, and if they think temporary interaction would be detrimental to a pet’s wellbeing, they’re excluded from the program. The physical and mental health of their pets is always what is most important.

Cuddlegrams aren’t free, and the funds raised go directly to the shelter to help pay for food, medication and supplies for every pet in their care. These pets get lots of loving human interaction, a break from the shelter, and most importantly – exposure. Getting these pets out in the real world reminds people that they’re out there, and they need support, homes, and fosters. Even if your sweetie isn’t in a position to adopt, seeing a cute cat or dog may make a coworker or friend consider opening their doors to a shelter pet!

You can book your cuddlegram from the Vanderburgh Humane Society. Your booking includes chocolates, three red roses, a card, and a half-hour-long cuddle sesh with a kitty, puppy, or bunny.

If you’re in the Jefferson County, Ohio area, you can spend your Valentine’s Day with a shelter pet for a night or two. If you don’t have anyone else to cuddle – or just prefer to cuddle someone extra-furry!

Don’t live in Vanderburgh County, Indiana or Jefferson County, Ohio? You may still be able to find a similar program in your area – check with your local shelters! Spending Valentine’s Day solo? You can still show yourself some love!

If you’re still anti-cuddlegram, you can always make a donation in your loved one’s name to your local shelter, or sponsor a pet in their name so that they can find a home faster!

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