Dachshund Helps Dogs In Need For Her Birthday

Birthdays are an exciting time for both humans and dogs. It’s a time for gifts and celebrations. However, a birthday doesn’t always have to be about receiving things. For a Dachshund named Pearl, it’s all about giving back to the community.

Pearl’s birthday event took place at Carnegie Dog Park in Pennsylvania. Rather than having a traditional party with treats and presents, the little pup hosted a dog food drive instead. She gathered tons of donations for Animal Friends, the local humane society.

Pearl’s Special Birthday

In celebration of Pearl’s birthday, her family members named Andrew and Brian hosted a dog food drive. Every year, they have made it a tradition to set up this drive at the dog park. Plus, the amount of people who donate is incredible!

However, this year was a little bit different. The coronavirus pandemic made it more difficult for the family to complete their food drive. Of course, they didn’t let that stop them though. Pearl deserved the best birthday yet.

Image: @AnimalFriends/Facebook

“With this year being a little different, they decided to create a drive-by collection instead where friends and family could drop off their items from a safe distance,” Animal Friends posted on Facebook.

Luckily, the food drive went smoothly even though things were different than usual. In fact, Pearl still managed to raise a huge amount of supplies for dogs in need. The organization posted a photo of her standing among all the supplies. However, she’s so small that you can barely see her beside the massive donations.

Donation Celebrations

These donations are a yearly tradition for Pearl, but she’s not the only one trying to make a difference for dogs in need. The shelter has shared many other photos of dogs and humans donating items for their special days. After all, birthdays are about so much more than just yourself. They’re a great opportunity to give back.

Image: @AnimalFriends/Facebook

Animal Friends even has an ongoing dog food bank called Chow Wagon Pet Food Bank. Chow Wagon provides dog food and supplies for about 29 local pantries. The reason they can do this is because so many kind people have stepped forward to help. The more donations they receive, the more dogs that can be fed.

If you want to help dogs in need like Pearl has, consider donating to the Chow Wagon Pet Food Bank. After all, Pearl has set the bar pretty high in terms of perfect birthdays. So, we should all strive to be as generous as her. Happy birthday, Pearl!

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Featured Image: @AnimalFriends/Facebook

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