Dachshund Puppy Is Heartbroken When He Thinks His Best Friend Is Being Adopted Without Him

An adorable sausage pup was heartbroken at the thought of losing his best furry friend to a potential adopter. Watching his doggie roommate being carried away to a future without him, he gave a heartbreaking performance that has touched the hearts of dog lovers everywhere.

Dayana Davila entered a pet shop in hopes of finding a furry friend to bring home to her family. After locking eyes with an adorable Dachshund puppy, she thought she found the perfect pup for her.

tik tok puppy

Dayana Davila fell so in love with the brown and white pup that she had him leashed up and ready to go, only to discover a heart-wrenching sight from across the room. Dayana was about to separate two puppy best friends, and the left behind pup was devastated.

The Dachshund puppy that remained in the cage was propped up on his hind legs and watching his best friend from across the room. He soon locked eyes with Dayana as he watched his friend get ready to leave, offering a performance that Dayana could not ignore.

tik tok puppytik tok puppy

The Dachshund puppy began pawing at the cage, almost as if he were begging Dayana not to leave with his best furry friend. After watching the pup paw at the cage in desperation, Dayana knew she could not separate the bonded puppies.

Dayana was not financially prepared to come home with two puppies that day, leading her to make a tough decision to save the Dachshund puppy from heartbreak. Not only did she have to think of the cost of an extra puppy upfront, but also the additional vet bills and food costs of having 2 growing puppies. Dayana decided to leave both pups behind and left the pet shop empty-handed. She just could not bear the thought of separating the two friends.


This broke my heart…I was about to take her best fwend away?? #fyp #foryoupage #parati #puppy #dachshund

♬ death bed (coffee for your head) – Powfu & beabadoobee

Dayana shared the video of the tear-jerking moment on her TikTok account, and the viewers came flooding in. The video has over 15 million views, and has been shared over 40,000 times. It’s clear that dog lovers around the world were just as touched by this moment as Dayana was.

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Image Source: Dayanavdo/TikTok

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