Dad Bods And Dogs 2019 Calendar Celebrates The Best Things About Dog Rescue


You not think you need a wall calendar, but you’re going to want to clear some wall space when you see Dad Bods and Dogs!

Photographer Ricki Beason of Ricki Beason Rescue Photography photographs adoptable dogs in shelters to help them find their forever homes. Her 2018 calendar, “Heartthrobs and Hound Dogs” paired adoptable pups with buff, shirtless men flexing their muscles for the camera.

The calendar helped raise money for her favorite local rescues, and her 2019 calendar will follow suit, but with a twist. Instead of featuring musclemen, she’s showcasing the bond we can all have with a rescue dog – by featuring average Joes being silly and enjoying the kind of everyday activities anybody can share with a dog!

Photo: Ricki Beason Rescue Photography/April: Jimmy with Betty White from The Love Pit (Adoptable)

Ricki says on her website,

“This calendar was formally ‘Heartthrobs and Hound Dogs’ which featured shirtless ‘hunky/buff’ men but I wanted to move away from that and go at more of a humor approach with a bigger emphasis on the rescue dog. My hope with this calendar is to bring a smile to the face of the person who buys it on a daily basis. I want people to see rescue dogs for the fun-loving rascals that they are in hopes that more people will want to adopt these goofballs.”

The focus may not be on extra-muscular, “sexy” men, but what could be more attractive than a person who loves to rescue dogs?

Photo: Ricki Beason Rescue Photography/August: Chase with Cricket from Astasia’s Angels Animal Rescue

The photos show off the best sides of both rescue dogs and humans! And though they may be silly, the pictures share a big message about how dog rescue can benefit the lives of both parties involved!

Photo: Ricki Beason Rescue Photography/May: Derrick with Tux from The Love Pit (Adoptable)

And when you’re running out of ideas for what to do with your dog- take a glance at your calendar. These guys do seasonal things like barbeques in July,

Photo: Ricki Beason Rescue Photography/July: Ryan with Marty from Rescue Row (Adoptable)

football in September,

Photo: Ricki Beason Rescue Photography/September L to R: Shane with County Road from Astasia’s Angels (Adoptable), Simon with April from Rescue Row (Adoptable), Jason with Jensen from Astasia’s Angels (Adoptable) and Sammy from Rescue Row, Derrick with Buster from The Love Pit, Jay with Dozer from The Love Pit

and celebrating Valentine’s Day like February below:

Photo: Ricki Beason Rescue Photography / February: Nick with Linus and Lucy from Astasia’s Angels Animal Rescue (Both Adoptable!)

If you haven’t taken your rescue dog for a swim,

Photo: Ricki Beason Rescue Photography/June: Brittan with Kingston from Rescue Row

or out for brunch with your buds you’re missing out.

Photo: Ricki Beason Rescue Photography/March L to R: Chase with Milo from Rescue Row (Adoptable), Nick with Gizzy from Astasia’s Angels Animal Rescue, Eric with Bardot from The Love Pit (Adoptable)

And don’t get us started on what great workout partners dogs make!

Photo: Ricki Beason Rescue Photography/January: Aaron with Oreo from The Love Pit

Remember that when you’re gifting this Dad Bods and Dogs calendar to a friend or relative (or treating yourself!) you’re helping spread the message that shelter dogs have a lot to offer the lucky people who take them in! And the calendar is safe-for-work, so don’t let your mom can’t tell you she can’t hang it in her office.

Photo: Ricki Beason Rescue Photography/November: Jason with Emmie from Astasia’s Angels Animal Rescue

You can enjoy rescue pups and the guys-next-door all year by pre-ordering your calendar from Ricki’s website. Sales will benefit rescue groups in Texas: Dallas Rescues, The Love Pit, Rescue Row, and Astasia’s Angels Animal Rescue.

Photo: Ricki Beason Rescue Photography/October: Jared withWoody with Rescue Row (Adoptable)

If you fell in love with any of the adorable faces in the pictures you can still take one home – the dogs, not the dudes! Dogs with names in bold mean they’re still adoptable! You can contact The Love Pit, Rescue Row, or Astasia’s Angels Animal Rescue to learn more about their adoptable pets.

Photo: Ricki Beason Rescue Photography/December L to R: Derrick with Brooklyn for The Love Pit, Aaron with Amos from Rescue Row, Jason with Bianca from Astasia’s Angels Animal Rescue

Get the Dad Bods and Dogs calendar at

Featured Photo: Ricky Beason Rescue Photography/Facebook

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