Dad Trains Family Dog to Supervise His Sister’s Homework

Add one more task to a dog’s resume: homework enforcer. A father in South West China was fed up with his daughter using her smartphone instead of doing her homework, so he came up with a creative solution to keep her on track. The dad trained the family dog to supervise the girl while she attended to her studies.

Dog supervises girl doing homework
Image via Pear Video

A dog did what?

A video depicts the hilarious and adorable relationship between one white dog and his sister. A family in Guiyang City, China, captured this memory on film. The video shows the family dog keeping a close eye on the school-aged girl during her studying time. The white dog stands in front of her with its two front legs on a table while she does her homework.

According to a story in Unilad, the girl was having trouble focusing on her studies with her smartphone close by. So, her dad trained the dog to stand over the girl when it was time to put the phone away and get to work. Who can browse social media with that kind of supervision?

Watch the video below. You’ll see a very motivated young student.

Dog supervises Chinese girl doing homeworkDog supervises Chinese girl doing homework
Image via Pear Video

What’s the back story?

The girl’s father, Xu, said the pup joined the family in December 2016. The dog and the girl have grown up together. Mr. Xu said (via The DailyMail), “[My dog is] very well-behaved. I have been training [my dog] since it was young and now it does whatever I tell it to do.”

The father went on to say, “I pointed at the coffee table and told it to watch my daughter as she does her homework. [The dog] would then guard her and make sure she doesn’t reach for her phone.”

In the video clip, the dog watches over the girl intently. And this pup isn’t the only one in on the fun. In a different segment of the video, another dog watches the girl, ensuring she completes her homework without interruptions from her mobile device.

Later on, we see the pup and his sister playing together. The dog clearly knows other tricks. The sweet pooch leaps over the girl’s back when she bends over. They very plainly have a loving, playing relationship when all the schoolwork is finished.

See the pup in action

Don’t take our word for it. Watch this pup take on the schoolmarm role. Not all dogs eat homework, some ensure it gets done.

[embedded content][embedded content]

H/T: Unilad

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