Deaf Pup Survives Two Surgeries to Hoard Toys and Give Love

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Aucado Rescue Mid Michigan

Mya came into rescue at 14 months old. She was holding her rear leg up and not using it. Mya is a deaf ACD, yet you wouldn’t know it unless someone told you. She has had two surgeries, and while she can mostly use her leg, she still has times that she limps. Mya has been through a lot, and the cards dealt to her were not the best, though her loving personality shines through all of this, and she is determined to enjoy life to the fullest.

Aucado Rescue Mid Michigan

Mya is a happy and playful girl who loves toys. In fact, she thinks she owns ALL the toys at the rescue. She has a great attitude and still has her leg.

Aucado Rescue Mid Michigan

“The impact has been positive in the way we can feed our dogs and cats quality food donated by’s Rescue Bank. Being able to buy pallets of food (at just the cost of shipping) allows us to be able to have surgeries performed that are not routine.”

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Featured Photo: Aucado Rescue Mid Michigan

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