Dedicated Rescuer “Shacks Up” With Shelter Dog To Help Her Find A Home

Scott Poore is on a mission to help every Kansas shelter dog find a forever home – one pooch at a time. His current project is a 3-year-old Terrier mix named Queen. She has spent more than 400 days at the Great Plains SPCA awaiting adoption.

Poore has “moved in” to Queen’s kennel and vows to stay there until her perfect humans come along!

Queen is currently the longest resident at GPSPCA. Poore chocks it up to a “string of bad luck.” The chocolate-colored pooch was found living behind a dumpster in “a terrible area.” She was frightened and emaciated, but has since regained her health under the shelter’s care.

“She’s the world’s sweetest dog,” Poore told ABC News. “She’s not aggressive. She’s not mean.”

Poore’s stay at the GPSPCA began Tuesday. Luckily the kennel, which is more like a small bedroom, has been decked out in homey comforts. There’s a quilt for the bed, dog-themed throw pillows, a clock for the wall, even a house plant!

For those who wonder why Poore doesn’t adopt Queen himself, his answer is simple: “I’m in the business of exporting, not importing.”

“Everybody wants me to [adopt Queen] but everybody who knows me knows this is what I do,” he says. “I’ve got a dog at home that’s very special to me and I bring a different dog home every night from the shelter, so I’ve got a great system.”

Poore quit his corporate job more than a decade ago to found the apparel company Mission Driven. He spends 50+ hours a week volunteering in Kansas animal shelters, helping to raise awareness for underfunded facilities and overlooked pups like Queen.

Her extended sleepover with Poore has certainly raised Queen’s spirits, but he fears she is losing hope.

“She’s just been slowly declining in the shelter environment. Because I see her every day I’ve noticed those changes,” Poore said. “Queen is really speaking for all long term shelter dogs and shelter cats, they’re kind of the forgotten ones.”

Queen’s adoption page describes her as a loyal, goofy friend that loves people, walks great on a leash and is housebroken. She loves to play fetch, but also relishes her time chilling on the sofa. Poore says she would do best as the only dog and with children over 8-years-old.

Let’s see if we can help Queen – share this story and maybe she will find her forever home. Follow Poore’s efforts to find Queen a forever home on Facebook.

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