Devastated By The Loss Of Her Pup, This Woman Finds Love Again

The pain of losing a beloved pup is unbearable. The grief impacts everyone differently, often sending them for solace in many places. One man wanted to help his grieving girlfriend get a few moments of respite from the pain. The results were epic.

Ernie and his new mom
​Source: 30poundman YouTube

Love at First Sight

A man’s girlfriend suffered from the painful loss of her ten-year-old Beagle named B.B that sadly passed away due to a heart tumor. Devastation plagued her. The man wanted to ease her suffering in any way he could, so he came up with what he hoped would be a brilliant idea. Although he knew he could never replace B.B., he decided to get his girlfriend a pug puppy.

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Best boyfriend ever. Don’t you think?

Woman cries over pug puppyWoman cries over pug puppy
​Source: 30poundman YouTube

You can probably imagine her reaction. The woman’s boyfriend placed the pug puppy in a box and left it next to the entrance to their home. His girlfriend walked through the door and stared at the puppy in shock. She instantly burst into tears.

We imagine it was a mixture of emotions – happiness to be met with a new pup and sadness, remembering the sweet pup she had lost.

“Where did you find it?” She sobbed. She swept the puppy into her arms and held him close to her chest.

“Were you surprised?” Her boyfriend asked excitedly. He sounded thrilled with the results of his gesture.

Ernie the pugErnie the pug
​Source: 30poundman YouTube

The man’s girlfriend was unable to respond with words. Overcome with emotion, she could only wail in appreciation for her new tiny companion. Although she must have been heartbroken at her loss, we can imagine the puppy brought her a sense of immense joy.

After the woman regained her composure, the couple decided to name their new family member, Ernie.

We love this story – although nothing could ever replace her lost love, the thoughtfulness and true love shared is so touching. This video has nearly eight million views. So grab a tissue and prepare to witness her beautiful reaction below.

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