Disabled Rescue Dog Helps Injured Pastor Heal His Body & Soul


On the morning of June 2, Pastor Jon Cavnar was in a head-on collision on his way to work. His injuries were extensive, landing the once-active father in a wheelchair. Like many survivors, Cavnar began to suffer from depression. Doctors were unsure whether or not they could save his leg and he found himself facing an uncertain future.

That’s when his wife, Alexis suggested bringing a dog into the family.

Enter Tankerbelle – a very special rescue pooch from the San Francisco SPCA!

The adorable English Bulldog mix is living with spina bifida, a birth defect that causes improper fusion of the spinal vertebrae. Dogs with spina bifida suffer from a variety of symptoms including hind-end weakness, poor muscle tone, incontinence, and incoordination.

Alexis described Jon’s emotional first meeting with Tankerbelle to Good Day, Sacramento.

“Before we knew anything about her condition we just fell in love. My husband just had an emotional response and just said, ‘if this dog can live the rest of her life with a disability, then I can live with this temporarily disabled part of my life.’”

Adjusting to life with Jon in a wheelchair has been difficult for the entire family. Although his injuries are temporary, Tankerbelle provides a welcome source of cheer and inspiration in times of frustration.

The road to recovery will be long, but the Cavnars are so grateful they get to face it with Tankerbelle by their side!

H/T & Featured Image via Good Day, Sacramento

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