Doctor Grants Patient’s Dying Wish To See Her Dog One More Time


Herman is an 11-year-old Rat Terrier. When his elderly owner, Mary was hospitalized with respiratory failure, State Line Animal Hospital in Leawood, Kansas took him in.

Sadly, Mary’s condition proved to be terminal. But before she passed away, her physician, Dr. Ryan Sears promised to grant her final wish – to see her beloved Herman one last time.

“The instant that she saw him, she was wanting to pet on him, and you could see the change in her face that she was so happy to see her dog,” Dr. Sears told Fox 43.

Herman was equally excited to see Mary. Dr. Sears and his nurses had to wrap him in a blanket to contain some of his energy! The following day, Mary passed away, leaving behind just one more request – that Herman be welcomed into a new, loving family.

“I think the big thing for her was that she wanted Herman to have a good home and get adopted,” Dr. Sears said.

A family did adopt Herman, but returned him a few days later when they realized they could not provide the level of attention he needs.

“He’s got some separation anxiety, which we would expect because his owner’s gone,” said Cindy Pugh, the manager at State Line Animal Hospital. “He’d do better with somebody that was either retired or home a lot.”

As luck would have it, Herman did not have to wait long! Once his story spread, several offers came in to adopt him. At the time of this publishing, Herman was spending his first full day with his new owner – one who will be home with him all day as he adjusts to life without Mary.

A State Line Animal Hospital staff member told iHeartDogs they are keeping a waiting list of individuals who would be happy to take Herman in should this adoption fall through. One man even asked if he could call and check on the senior pup’s status from time to time!

While Mary and Herman’s story has a happy ending, that is not always the case for pets of the elderly. Pugh told Fox that dogs like Herman often wind up in shelters when their senior owners die. Family and friends cannot – or will not – always commit to caring for a new pet.

“We have a disposable society, and when it becomes a problem, a lot of people give up,” Pugh said.

No matter your age, it is important to include your pets in your end-of-life planning. This post offers several tips and resources to help you ensure your dogs are cared for in the event of your passing.

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