Dog Abandoned & Written On With Permanent Marker Finally Has Hope For A Better Life


Just when we think we’ve seen it all, another unbelievable rescue story emerges.

Marvella is a pup who was found dumped in a park in Ohio. Although her former owners supposedly wanted her to go to a good home, their actions spoke otherwise.

The message was written on the young white dog in black permanent marker. Across her side it said “FREE,” and on her forehead, “GOOD HOME ONLY.”

Her other side, in very sloppy writing, appears to read, “I AM A GIFT FROM GOD.”

…so why was she drawn on and abandoned?

Luckily, the rest of Marvella’s story is much happier! She’s currently at the Ross County Humane Society in Chillicothe, Ohio, where she was given a bath, “and spent the day in the office with the shelter staff getting lots of treats and attention,” according to the humane society’s Facebook page.

Unsurprisingly, this sweet girl’s story went viral, and the rescue has already been flooded with applications! Without a doubt, Marvella will find her real forever home — one that keeps that beautiful coat clean and treasures her as the gift she really is.

If Marvella’s story touched your heart, you can donate to the Ross County Humane Society or adopt a pup from your local shelter who has a story of their own!

(h/t: 10TV)

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