Dog Dating App Matches You With The Perfect Rescue Dog

When some families get a new dog, they get so hung up on looks. They get their heart set on the perfect breed and assume all dogs of that breed will be the same. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! All dogs are unique, regardless of what their breed description says. So, a woman named Mary Ann Zeman came up with a way for families to search for a dog based on personality and needs, not looks or stereotypes. She eventually created How I Met My Dog, which is like a dating app for rescue dogs. All you have to do is make a profile, and then you’ll be matched with lots of compatible pups.

How I Met My Dog
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What is How I Met My Dog?

Twenty years ago, Zeman had a different idea about what the perfect dog was. Everything about a Dachshund’s appearance and personality sounded perfect to her. So, when she couldn’t find a Dachshund at a shelter, she went to a breeder. She purchased two adorable Dachshund puppies: George and Gracie.

Despite being the same breed from the same litter, George and Gracie were complete opposites. George was energetic and playful like Zeman had expected, but Gracie was skittish and reserved. Zeman quickly learned that Gracie probably would’ve been better off with a more suitable family, but she couldn’t give away her beloved dog.

Black and Brown Rescue DogBlack and Brown Rescue Dog
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The more time Zeman spent with George and Gracie, the more she thought about dogs. She realized that the perfect dog shouldn’t be reduced to a breed or a “love at first sight” mentality. It should be less random and more thought out. Choosing a dog should be like choosing a partner. Everyone should look for a dog that’s compatible with their personality and their lifestyle because not all dogs will be perfect for every family.

So, Zeman created How I Met My Dog, a “dating app for dogs“. On this website, you’ll create a profile by answering various questions. Your profile will then be matched with the profiles of adoptable dogs. That way, you’ll know that you’re only looking at dogs that are right for your family.

Dog Dating ProfileDog Dating Profile
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How Does it Work?

Using this website is free. All Zeman wants is to make sure every family finds the perfect dog and every dog finds the perfect family. She hopes that this will help reduce the number of dogs surrendered each year.

“Every year, a staggering 4,000,000 dogs are surrendered to shelters or need to be rehomed by families who can no longer care for them,” How I Met My Dog states. “Sadly, only half of these dogs ever find another home.”

Puppy AdoptedPuppy Adopted
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Once you sign up for the site, you’ll be asked to complete a 20-minute survey. This will ask you questions about what you’re looking for in a dog and what your household is like. Then, you’ll be shown the profiles of all the dogs that match with you. From there, you can make changes based on age, size, and gender if needed. Yet, you’ll still be guaranteed to only get dogs that match with you.

Then, once you find that perfect pup, you can send an application directly to the shelter. From there, you can meet the dog in person to decide if they really are a good fit for you. If you don’t find the perfect dog right away, then the website will notify you every time you get new matches. Adopting a dog should never be rushed, so take your time and select the dog that seems right for your family.

If you’re looking for a new family member, please check out How I Met My Dog’s website. The perfect dog for you might already be waiting for a forever home.

Happy Black and White DogHappy Black and White Dog
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