Dog Gets So Ridiculously Muddy That People Think He’s Photoshopped

Onni is a fluffy, white Samoyed who lives in Finland with his dog mom and dog siblings. When he walks by with his bright coat shining, it’s like a cumulus cloud passing over on a spring day. He’s a happy social dog who loves to romp around with other pups. He doesn’t mind getting down and dirty and lucky for him, his mom doesn’t mind much either.

Image Onni Samoyed/Instagram

Onni Has a Muddy Play Date

One day, Onni and his sister were out playing in the great outdoors. They live in Finland, which gets wet and muddy sometimes. Onni didn’t care one bit that jumping into a mud puddle would be disastrous for his gorgeous white coat. He just wanted to have some fun! By the looks of it, a great deal of fun was had by all! Onni came home positively covered in mud from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. The only part of his body that stayed white was his face. Onni’s facial fur is shorter than the fur on the rest of his body so it was spared a complete coating of mud.

Image Onni Samoyed/Instagram

Onni’s Mom Couldn’t Stop Laughing at His New Look

When Onni came back to his mom Lotta Alajoki looking like a chocolate-dipped puppy she thought about feeling irritated but she wasn’t! She just kept laughing at him because he looked so entirely ridiculous! She told LAD Bible, “It was a wet and muddy day and Onni was playing with his sister and one of our breeder’s dogs, wrestling around in the mud. At first, we were worried about how we were going to get him clean but when we kept looking at him all we could do was laugh, he just looked so funny that we had to take a picture.”

Image Onni Samoyed/Instagram

Social Media Followers Thought it Was Faked

Onni’s mom posted his muddy picture to Facebook and it immediately got a ton of attention. People thought it must have been photoshopped. They couldn’t believe that a dog could get so muddy and that his face would stay so clean. Lotta insists that the photo is real, and just to quiet any naysayers, she shared another picture of him muddied up from head to toe. She told LAD Bible, “So many people think the mud is wiped off or it’s photoshopped but it’s not, he looks like that after every muddy walk or play date. His face was still white because the hair on his face is shorter so the mud doesn’t stick to it.”

Onni’s mom reports that cleaning him up is a breeze. Samoyeds have a top and undercoat and the mud slides right off his topcoat with a little soap and water. If you want to follow Onni’s muddy escapades, check out his Instagram page Onni Samoyed.

Featured Image Onni Samoyed/Instagram

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