Dog Mom Carves Massive Husky Out Of Snow

Things can get pretty chilly in Canada. When towns start coming to halt because of snow and ice, some people choose to get creative. Makeshift sleds, snow angels and snow ice cream typically make the top of the list of snowy day activities. That wasn’t the case for one Canadian woman.

A Snow Sculpture That Would Give Anyone The Zoomies!

Gina Brightnose is from Thompson, Manitoba and she made heads turn recently with her creative snow sculpture.

“We had a great big mountain in our front yard, so we figured let’s just make something out of it,” Brightnose told CTV News.

Snowmen are basic and boring. The carrot nose and corn cob pipe are old news. Brightnose was ready for something different and eye-catching! She wanted a snow sculpture that was pawsitively mind-blowing. So why not her dog?


Muskrat is the Malamute Husky that inspired the jaw-dropping creation. While the real Muskrat is much smaller, the sculpture measured in at 6’x5′! It took Brightnose and her husband three full weekends to get it done. She says the work was physically taxing but totally worth it. The massive sculpture has people traveling to the Brightnose’s front yard just to get a glimpse.

“People stop by and say they had to bring their kids. People come by and stop. It’s just a good thing to do for the neighborhood,” she said.

Muskrat Oversaw The Entire Operation

Brightnose used special snow paint to achieve the look of Muskrat’s luscious coat. She also enlisted her sister to draw up several sketches to use throughout the process. And, when a live model was needed, Muskrat was always nearby and ready for his close up!

“She sent me about six different sketches, and then we used that as our model,” Brightnose said. “The whole time we did it, Muskrat just sat beside us.”


Brightnose described the work as “back-breaking” due to all of the ice chipping that had to be done.

“The chipping away and the hauling of the snow is a little back-breaking. You can feel it at the end of the day,” said Brightnose.

Brightnose is considering entering the doggone massive sculpture in an upcoming snow sculpture contest. We might be biased, but it’s probably the cutest snow sculpture of all time. If you’re considering making your pup the next snow star, here’s her advice:

“People think you need to have nice packed snow, you don’t. The trick is to shape it and ice it.”

Plus, it probably helps to have an adorable model nearby! Let’s give the Brightnoses a round of a-paws… and a warm cup of coffee!


Featured Photo: @ModerDogMagazine/Facebook

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