Dog Raised For Meat Loses All 4 Paws But Wins Big At Hero Dog Awards


If you are a longtime follower of iHeartDogs, you’ve probably read about the amazing Chi Chi once or twice. She was rescued outside a South Korean meat market with severe injuries and infections to all four paws.

In order to save her life, she underwent a radical quadruple amputation. Despite her ordeal, Chi Chi never lost hope.

Once healed, she was brought to the United States and adopted by the Howell family of Phoenix, Arizona. With their love and support, Chi Chi learned to walk – and run and play! – with prosthetic paws. She also became a beloved therapy dog with thousands of fans all over the world!

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This week, Chi Chi was recognized for her remarkable strength, selfless spirit, and unmatched bravery when she was named American Humane’s 2018 Hero Dog of the year!

In addition to her bravery in the face of physical adversity, Chi Chi happily serves her community. She visits with disabled veterans, residents of assisted-living facilities, and children learning how to read.

“When people meet Chi Chi, they are inspired by her courage, perseverance, ability to overcome adversity and her never-give-up attitude,” Elizabeth Howell wrote in Chi Chi’s contest entry. “She exemplifies resilience and forgiveness, and openly shares her love and compassion in abundance. Her sweet-tempered and gentle spirit opens people’s hearts and her perceptive spirit senses where her love is needed.”

Chi Chi was chosen as American Humane’s 2018 Hero Dog over 265 other amazing military, search and rescue, law enforcement, guide, and service canines.  She received more than a million votes from fans and the American public, as well as input from a panel of dog experts and celebrity animal lovers.

Chi Chi and her fellow Hero Dog finalists attended a black-tie gala in Beverly Hills, California Sunday night in honor of their remarkable achievements. Be sure to tune into the Hallmark Channel on Oct. 24 to watch Chi Chi receive her well-deserved award!

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