Dog Rescued From House Fire Is Now A Hero To Many

Four years ago, Aya was a 2-month-old puppy who thought her life was over. She was trapped in a burning home. Firefighters spotted her wagging tail under a pile of clothes and rushed her to safety. Yet, she was unresponsive and needed emergency care.

Now, Aya is one of the happiest pups in the world. She made a successful recovery, and she has never felt more alive. In fact, her story is such an inspiration to others that she’s now a finalist in a hero dog contest!

Aya’s Journey

After the fire, Aya suffered from burns on about 75% of her body. Sadly, she also lost two of her toes. Her wounds were so painful that the vets had to sedate her frequently. In fact, many people feared that the pup wouldn’t make it. But they never gave up hope.

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“She had quite a bit of trauma,” said Dorothy Williams, Aya’s mom. “They had to sedate her pretty much every day, change her bandages because it was so painful.”

The Asheville Humane Society cared for Aya until she was strong enough to find her forever family. Williams, who was Aya’s foster mom first, adopted the pup without hesitation. Aya still had lots of healing to do from there, and she still has some surgeries to this day. But that doesn’t stop her from living her best life.

Dog recovering from burnsDog recovering from burns
Image: @bobblepup/Instagram

Aya acts just like any other dog. She loves to bark, run around, and play. One of her favorite activities is jumping in the water with her special life jacket. To her, she’s no different than any other dog, but she still inspires others to live their lives to the fullest.

Aya the Hero Dog

Aya is now a finalist in the Pibborafi Rescue Hero contest. Pibborafi Plushies is a company that makes plush toys inspired by rescue dogs. If Aya wins the contest, she’ll get her own stuffed animal created. Plus, she’s helping raise money for Asheville Humane Society in the process.

Image: @bobblepup/Instagram

“It’s a way to promote special needs dogs and helping rescues in general,” said Williams.

Aya’s story is proof that rescue dogs are amazing. Four years ago, she was on the verge of death. Today, she’s being recognized as a hero. She helps teach the world to never give up hope, no matter how tough things seem. And, of course, she also shows that rescuing dogs can change lives too.

Visit Pibborafi Plushies Instagram to see updates on the contest. Also, check out Aya’s Instagram page for more adorable updates on her life.

happy dog outsidehappy dog outside
Image: @bobblepup/Instagram

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Featured Image: @bobblepup/Instagram

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