Dog Reunited With Family Only Hours After Car Was Stolen

A lot of dog parents fear the idea of losing their dog. After all, many of the lost dogs out there never even find their way home. So, when Dan O’Brien’s car got stolen with his dog named Loki inside, he feared the worst. Even his kids were going crazy over the idea of the little dog being lost. However, as scary as the situation was, they all refused to give up hope.

Despite all odds, the little dog returned home in record time. It was a miracle that the car and dog were located not long after the vehicle was stolen.

Losing Loki

It all started when O’Brien brought his other dog in for a vet visit. He only had to drop the dog off, so he figured it would be less stressful for Loki if he waited in the car. O’Brien stepped into the vet’s office for only a few minutes. The car was left running with little Loki inside. When O’Brien came back outside moments later, the car was gone and Loki was nowhere to be found.

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“I turned around and my car was gone, with the little guy in it,” O’Brien said. “My kids were going bananas.”

O’Brien’s family launched into a panic, which lasted for approximately 90 minutes. But then, they were notified of a police chase involving the missing vehicle. The car eventually crashed on an exit ramp, and officers quickly caught the driver. The man responsible was also suspected of fleeing a hit and run in the past too.

When officers looked inside the car, Loki was not there. They realized that the man must’ve dropped the dog off somewhere along the way. Once again, Loki’s family was terrified.

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It’s a Miracle!

As it turns out, Loki had been left outside a motel, where someone found him and brought him to safety. Kodie Forrest and her roommate found Loki and immediately began searching for his family. Forrest called the police, posted on social media, and reached out to the local animal shelter. She didn’t rest until someone could connect Loki to his family.

“It’s nuts, I didn’t even believe it,” said Forrest. “This is just fate and it’s all in God’s hands. So, I think it’s really cool.”

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Loki was soon returned to his family, where they shared an emotional reunion. The pup squirmed and wagged his tail like crazy until he was able to be in his family’s arms again. O’Brien still cannot believe how lucky they are to be reunited with their beloved family member. The car might not have survived, but that didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

This entire situation likely could’ve been prevented if O’Brien had just brought Loki inside with him. After all, you should never leave your dog in a car unattended. However, all that matters is that Loki is safe now, so O’Brien will likely take extra precautions in the future to protect him even further.

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