Dog Snugglers Needed at Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Help Wanted: dedicated worker with big heart, kind hands, and time for snuggles. Must love dogs.

If this sounds like you and you’re in the Tampa Bay area, your dream job is waiting for you! The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is seriously seeking volunteers to snuggle their shelter pets! There’s a shortage of snuggles going around now that many of their student volunteers have gone back to their studies after the winter break. Dogs – especially those who may be confused or scared after surgery – need you!

Love is just as important as food, shelter and healthcare to shelter pets. It can keep their stress levels down, make them more comfortable with human touch, and help them find homes much, much faster. Just spending a little time talking to a dog with a kind voice, finding their favorite spots to be scratched, and getting sloppy puppy kisses can do wonders for a dog who doesn’t have a family of his own. Volunteers can fill the void until their forever home is found.

You’d think there’d be a line around the block full of dog lovers just itching to cuddle up with a shelter pup, but somehow, the humane society is having trouble finding people who are willing to come in to spend some time with their pets. It’s more likely a matter of spreading the word than that the world has somehow turned upside down.

Volunteer Jeff Honig, retired deputy and expert dog cuddler has been offering his services at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay for years, and tells Good Morning Tampa Bay that it’s a hairy job, but he loves every bit of it!

“It’s very soothing for me, it’s very soothing for them. It’s a great experience.”

Visit HSTB’s website to volunteer! Not in the Tampa area? There’s probably a shelter in need of snugglers near you. Contact your local shelter and offer your love to their lonely pets!

Featured Photo: HSTB/Facebook

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