Dog Swallows Bag Of Cocaine That Was Thrown Into His Yard – Vets Rush To Save Him

A Pitbull named Nipsey found himself in a dangerous position when his curious appetite got the best of him. A desperate police search of a home nearby led to a bag of cocaine being tossed into Nipsey’s yard, causing the staff at the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) to jump into action.

Police Officers in the area were executing a search warrant at a nearby home when the property owners were desperate to rid themselves of any illegal belongings. The property owner knew they had a bag of crack cocaine that would surely result in legal action, leading someone in the home to toss the bag over into their neighbor’s yard. Nipsey was in the yard at this time.

Nipsey Humane Society

Police officers heard Nipsey barking and causing quite a ruckus, so they decided to head over to his yard and make sure they weren’t missing anything. Once the officers made their way into Nipsey’s yard, they noticed a torn-up bag lying in the yard next to him. They immediately realized that this bag had once contained the illegal substance, and turned their focus to the loving pup.

Police officers informed Nipsey’s owners of the desperate situation and immediately contacted the local humane society for assistance. After the Michigan Humane Society dispatched two of their instigators to the scene, they realized that Nipsey needed to seek veterinary care as soon as possible.

Nipsey Humane Society

Cocaine consumption can be extremely dangerous for our furry friends and is often fatal in situations like this. Even the smallest amount of this substance can result in a life-threatening impact on multiple organ systems in dogs, making Nipsey’s situation even more serious.

Nipsey and his dog dad immediately made their way to the MHS Grosfeld Veterinary Center, where Nipsey was held overnight on supportive care. Due to the quick action of all involved, Nipsey was able to head home within 24 hours.

Nipsey Humane Society

Clinton Major, Nipsey’s fur parent, was incredibly grateful for the fast action of the staff at the Grosfeld Veterinary Center. The humane society also covered the cost of Nipsey’s overnight treatment, eliminating any financial stress that this situation could have caused.

We are thrilled to see that Nipsey had a full recovery from this terrifying incident, and can’t even imagine the fear that Clinton endured during this process. We send our love to everyone involved, and thank each of the professionals that played a part in saving Nipsey’s life!

Image Source: Michigan Humane Society

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