Dog Wins Connect 4 Game Against His Mom

Dogs are the best companions. Whether you just want to sit around and snuggle or run around and play, dogs always want to be there with you. However, for a smart Cockapoo named Percy, play time is more than just squeaky toys.

Percy’s favorite game is Connect 4, and he gets better at it every time he plays. He might even be better at it than most people are!

Percy loves when his mom, Sarah Shapiro-Ward, teaches him new tricks. Shapiro-Ward is a dog trainer with When Hounds Fly, so she loves to challenge her own smart pup. Percy is only 2 years old, but he knows so many exciting tricks!

Image: @prancing_percy/Instagram

Percy has been working on his Connect 4 skills for a while now, and he has finally figured out how to master the game. His mom is very proud of his success, so she always posts videos of his talents on his very own Instagram page. It makes everyone wish that our own dogs could play strategy games with us!

Percy’s Viral Connect 4 Game

Learning to play Connect 4 was a difficult process, but it didn’t take long for Percy to pick up on the basics. He knows how to carefully pick up a chip in his mouth and place it into the Connect 4 grid. Without thumbs, it’s a bit harder to play, but that doesn’t stop this determined pup!

Shapiro-Ward admits that even though Percy is very talented at playing the game, he’s not very strategic. He just plays to have fun!

“Once the token has gone in, he doesn’t know it’s there anymore,” said Shapiro-Ward. “But he likes to play, so I cheer him on.”

Image: Screenshot, @prancing_percy/Instagram

In his most popular Connect 4 video, he even beats his mom with a diagonal! Of course, Shapiro-Ward goes a little easy on him, but he still won fair and square! His mom cheers him on the whole time, making him even more excited to play. 

“It’s your turn,” Shapiro-Ward tells him in the video. “Good job! Yeah, good play! Nice move, buddy!”

Percy isn’t the first dog to learn how to play a human game, but he’s one of the most talented. Each time he plays the game, he gets even better. Maybe if he keeps trying, he’ll really be able to outsmart his mom!

Next time you’re feeling bored at home, why not try to teach your dog to play a fun game? They might just surprise you! If not, playing fetch is just as fun!

Watch the incredible video below:

Featured Image: Screenshot, @prancing_percy/Instagram

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