Dog With Grapefruit-Size Tumor Hopes To Find A Forever Fospice Home


Pinto recently lost his family, ended up in a kill shelter, and was diagnosed with two different kinds of cancer. He also has a grapefruit-size mass protruding from his head. Despite these challenges, Pinto is one lucky pooch.

Why, you ask? Because he has been rescued by the Mr. Mo Project, an incredible organization based in Clifton Park, New York.

MMP founders, Chris and Mariesa Hughes vowed to provide Pinto with the very best veterinary care, no matter the cost. Like every dog rescued by this caring couple, Pinto will also receive all the love he can handle!

The Hughes learned about the 8-year-old pooch’s plight when an overcrowded public shelter in Florida sent out a plea for his rescue. They had him pulled from the shelter and relocated to an Orlando veterinary clinic. However, the doctors soon realized Pinto needed care beyond what they could provide.

Just like that, Chris boarded a plane to Orlando to retrieve MMP’s latest addition. Together, Chris and Pinto embarked on a 20 hour road trip back to New York.

The tough-but-tender dog dad quickly fell in love with Pinto’s sweet, silly personality. They even made a few stops along the highway for photo ops!

Back in New York, the Hughes took Pinto to see a veterinary neurologist at Cornell University. After an MRI, CT scan, whole-body ultrasound and “all sorts of lab work,” the results were in. Pinto has a brain tumor pressing on his ocular nerve. In addition to this sad news, the mass on his forehead was found to be Spindle Cell Sarcoma, a connective tissue cancer.

According to PEOPLE, Pinto’s board-certified neurologist stated he has never seen anything like it on the 5,000 to 6,000 other MRIs he has performed in his career.

Despite his grim diagnoses, Pinto is a happy, well-adjusted dog. His friends at the Mr. Mo Project are devoted to pursuing the best treatments available, including a non-invasive procedure called cyberknife radiation to shrink his tumors.

They have already spent close to $8,000 on Pinto’s care and will likely invest another $15,000 as they attempt to prolong his life.

Pinto is currently in a loving foster home, but MMP would love to find a family to take him on as a permanent fospice. They will cover his expenses so his family can focus all their efforts on loving and spoiling him!

To learn more about Pinto and how you can help support The Mr Mo Project, visit their website. You can also follow his progress on one of the rescue’s Facebook pages.


Featured Image via Facebook/Gremlin (The Mr. Mo Project)

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