Dog With Head Injury Found Hiding In A Drain

Dogs are creatures who still rely largely on their instincts. It’s why they follow you to the bathroom, chase squirrels, and bark at the UPS guy. Usually it’s fun to watch our dogs behave like they’re still in the wild. But when you’re a pup living on the streets, those instincts become extremely valuable.

Zeus, a black and white dog found on the streets in India, relied on his instincts to help an injury. Seeking relief from his terrible pain, Zeus climbed into a sewer drain to lie in cool water. Animal Aid Unlimited India wrote on Instagram:

“Zeus was hiding in a sewer because he may have instinctively thought cold water would bring down his terrible pain from a head wound. Many dogs will do this when their pain is overwhelming.”


Fortunately, Zeus’s hiding place was not too secret and he was spotted. Animal Aid Unlimited India pulled poor Zeus from the drain and carried him to safety. Animal Aid Unlimited India is a street animal rescue and sanctuary in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Most employees come from neighboring villages, but over 100 people work to make life better for India’s street animals.

Rescuers had to sedate Zeus in order to clean and bandage his wounds. Still, in a way he seemed to know that he needed their help.


Organizations like this rely heavily on donations, and they’re grateful for those who help them help animals like Zeus.

“Thank you for transforming Zeus from hurt to healed. You also turned deep sadness to sweet happiness.”


If you want to donate to help them continue their selfless mission, you can do so here.

What To Do If You Spot An Injured Dog

Should you find an injured animal somewhere like a sewer drain, it’s probably best not to try and move it yourself. You might worsen the injury or even be hurt by a frightened dog yourself. Dogs in stressful situations like those who are trapped or injured might lash out and bite. And who could blame them?

Comfort the dog not necessarily by touching them, which they might be averse to, but by speaking to them in a calm voice. You can also offer food by placing it within their reach, not by sticking your hand in their face.

But most importantly, call your local rescue or county Animal Services for back up. They’ll know how to address the injury and how to transport the dog to a hospital for care.

It warms the heart to see so many people all across the globe go out of their way to help animals in need!

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H/T: The Animal Rescue Site
Featured Image: @animalaid_india/Instagram

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