Dog’s Silly Expressions Are the Highlight of Family’s Holiday Photos

Dogs are an important part of a family. So, of course, it’s common for dog parents to include their furry friends in their family photos. However, not all dogs are a fan of sitting still and posing nicely for the camera. Beatrice the two-year-old Weimaraner is one of those dogs that didn’t want to be photographed. At the time, her family didn’t think much of it, but her expressions soon became the best part of their photos.

Image: Screenshot, 1010 Wins YouTube

Beatrice’s family just wanted some cute pictures for their holiday card this year. They were excited to include Beatrice and their cat in the photos, and they even decided to place Beatrice right in the center. While their cat appeared to sit still in every photo, Beatrice had other plans. She would not stop barking!

Mari Trancoso is a photographer that runs a company called Mari Photography. She typically takes photos for weddings and families, so most of her images don’t include animals. She had no idea how much a dog could influence and entire collection of pictures.

Image: Screenshot, 1010 Wins YouTube

Trancoso held a photoshoot for her aunt’s family to help them create the perfect holiday cards. While she was snapping pictures of them, she knew Beatrice was barking now and then, but she tried to take as many photos as she could, hoping to get the perfect one. She figured that the barking wouldn’t be an issue.

When Trancoso went to look at the images after the photoshoot, she was surprised with what she saw. In nearly every photo, Beatrice was making a hilarious expression as if she was planning to photobomb the portraits. 

Image: Screenshot, 1010 Wins YouTube

“The dog was barking but I kept taking photos and I didn’t realize she made those faces while barking until I put them on the computer,” said Trancoso.

In one photo, Beatrice has her mouth wide open in mid-bark. In others, she is staring at the camera skeptically. Every photo showcases a different expression, but each one is funny and far from what Trancoso had expected.

Image: Screenshot, 1010 Wins YouTube

Trancoso and Beatrice’s family found the family photos hilarious. They were unlike any other holiday cards they’d seen before. Trancoso even made a video that dramatically zooms into all of Beatrice’s best faces.

This is why I’ll always encourage clients to bring their dog to the session. #weimaranerCheck out my biz page!! By Mari Photography

Posted by Mari Trancoso on Saturday, November 25, 2017

Beatrice’s family had just been planning on taking a normal holiday photo, but now their pictures are ones that they will never forget. Thanks to Beatrice’s adorable photobombs, their holiday card will be extra special this year. Hopefully Beatrice will create even funnier memories next year!


Featured Image: Screenshot, 1010 Wins YouTube

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