Donations Helped Keep This Veteran And His Last Living Friend Together


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Gerald has distinct memories of Korea, where he served with the 82nd Anti-Aircraft Artillery (82nd AAA) based out of the 38th parallel. A lot of life transpired between his time in the Army and where he is today – in his 80s, divorced and largely alone – but life changed radically and for the better when he adopted a companion pet through Pets for Patriots in 2014.

Tiger is a scruffy little dog who brings hope and vitality to Gerald – and much-needed companionship.

Photo credit: Pets for Patriots

“I’m basically the last man standing because I had two brothers and two sisters and they all passed,” he says, adding that only one of his contemporaries is still alive. “So I was basically by myself with no friends, and I’m used to having a dog around.”

Recently Gerald fell on hard times financially and reached out to Pets for Patriots for help. Tiger had been suffering from severe scratching and various skin allergies, causing open sores. But due to his circumstances, Gerald could not afford to take Tiger to the veterinarian.

Pets for Patriots stepped in through their hero fund for veterinary care and used money from a grant to help Gerald and Tiger. This allows them to support Gerald with food and other essentials he needs for Tiger so that this elderly veteran is not faced with surrendering his best friend to the shelter.

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