Eight Special Needs Rescue Dogs Walked Bride Down The Aisle

Weddings are among the most important days of our entire lives. That’s why we want all of our family and friends there to celebrate. Some families just happen to be more canine than human.

One bride in Ireland had a particularly hairy wedding party. Samantha Kelly and her husband Ronan were married in a beautiful ceremony at the family’s country estate home, Loughanmore Court in County Louth, Ireland. However, instead of parents, siblings, or cousins, Samantha Kelly was preceded down the aisle by seven of her four-legged family members. Instead of a bouquet, she held her 17-year-old Papillon Louisa in her hands.

The non-held dogs Pal, Jessie, Jack, Lily, Toby, Bonnie, and Barney all had their own chances to walk down the aisle solo. These dogs all range in breed, from Chihuahua to Jack Russel to Pomeranian to Staffordshire mix. They also vary in age from 8 to 12-years-old. Aside from all being rescues, the eight dogs do have one other major thing in common: they are all living with a disability.

When Samantha and Ronan first started seeing each other, she only had three dogs. The other five were rescued once they were already together, she told Metro.

“In total now we have saved eight dogs’ lives – we tend to adopt older dogs with problems as they are harder to rehome. The dogs we rescue we got because their owners no longer wanted them or their owners had died, they would have been put down if we hadn’t rescued them.”

These little sweethearts all got a second chance thanks to Samantha and Ronan, and look at them now: strutting down the white carpet!

T0 Samantha and Ronan, it made perfect sense to include every single dog in the wedding party.

“Our eight dogs are our family, so like with family we wanted them there on our wedding day. We don’t want to have kids, we prefer dogs – they are literally our children.”

One good thing about having dogs in your wedding party is that they can’t complain about the outfits you make them wear. Though, these outfits do look pretty darn cute on all of them.

Apparently, the wedding went so well that Samantha and Ronan are planning to turn their home into a dog-friendly wedding venue for other people to use.

This may be the first case I’ve ever seen of a bride willingly giving someone else (or a few someone elses) the attention on their big day. And Samantha, we thank you for that.

H/T: Metro

FEATURD IMAGE: @samanthajanekellylife/Instagram

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