“Every Dog Day” On November 15th Seeks To Change Breed Stereotypes


Countless shelter dogs are overlooked because of situations beyond their control, and animal rescues are overwhelmed fighting for their welfare. The day when animal shelters have only empty kennels is a long way off, but the online pet adoption community called Get Your Pet is determined to make a difference. This year, Get Your Pet has designated November 15 as “Every Dog Day” to show that all dogs—regardless of breed or background—deserve to be loved. They’re having a photo contest and spreading the word about how every dog deserves a chance.

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Pets spend weeks, months, and even years living in shelters. To keep dogs out of shelters and to make room for strays, Get Your Pet connects dogs that need to be rehomed with people who want to adopt. Unlike traditional rescues, these dogs never set foot in a shelter. It’s all done online while the pet remains safe and comfortable at home. It’s a network of dog lovers helping dog lovers, and dogs are better off because of it.

Among crowded kennels and budget problems, one of the issues animal shelters face every day is breed discrimination. Specific breeds, pit bulls at the top of the list, face unfair stereotypes and stigmas that keep them from getting adopted. Get Your Pet has participated in days like “Pit Bull Awareness Day,” in the past, but organization founder Angela Marcus recently realized her well-intentioned campaigning can sometimes have a negative effect. She told iHeartdogs,

“With all good intentions, people in the animal welfare field have created “Awareness Days” to try to encourage the dog-adopting population to open their hearts and minds to certain breeds of dogs — notably pitbull-type dogs, for example. But, we’re concerned that these days inadvertently reinforce the idea that these types of dogs are meaningfully different from other types and need to be defended.”

Instead of highlighting perceived differences between breeds, the first annual “Every Dog Day” will celebrate everything dogs have in common. It will spread the message that big, small, long hair, short hair, square head, or floppy ears, all dogs deserve the same kindness, compassion, and opportunity. Whether they’re snuggled up on someone’s couch or waiting for a family in the shelter, all dogs will get the chance to be recognized. Angela said,

“Every Dog Day is about pushing back against that impression and celebrating the truth that every type of dog is equally capable of loving us and equally deserving of our love and care – regardless of breed. “

To celebrate “Every Dog Day,” Get Your Pet is holding a photo competition. To enter, go to everydogday.com before Nov. 7. Submit a photo of your furry friend and tell everyone why they’re the best dog ever. Three finalists will be chosen for a chance to win a $250 gift card, and the two runners up will receive a fun-filled gift box from PupJoy. The dog-loving community will vote on the three finalists from November 8-14, and the winner will be announced on Every Dog Day on November 15.

The goal behind this special day is to promote equal treatment for ALL dogs, regardless of breed. Angela hopes the concept behind Every Dog Day will spill into everyday efforts to protect and defend the dogs that need us most.

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