Family Is Told To Euthanize Or Relocate Their “Aggressive” Great Dane

Over a year ago, George the Great Dane in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, was declared “dangerous” after some minor injuries to family members. George’s parents said that George is nothing but a gentle giant. They argued that neither of the injuries were serious, especially since their dog rarely shows signs of aggression.

However, the court didn’t see it that way. They said that the family will either have to move George out of the county or euthanize him. So, the family fought back.

What Led Up to This?

Back in 2018, George had two separate incidents with family members. He bit his mom, Bea-Ida Robertson, and scratched her niece’s toddler. Both incidents resulted in a few stitches, but the family says neither were serious. No one in the family reported it to authorities, so they are unsure how this court case even began.

Image: Waukesha County Courthouse Facebook

George is currently 120 pounds and 4 1/2 years old. He has not harmed anyone since those incidents, but the county refuses to change their minds. They stated that it’s in their authority to protect the public against dogs who cause injuries that require treatment, regardless of how minor or serious the event is.

Recently, Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Ralph Ramirez sided with the county. They want the dog to either be euthanized or moved out of the county.

However, Bea and her husband Thomas won’t give up on their dog. They sued the county early on to challenge the order. They argued that the county overstepped and that they are exaggerating the injuries. The lawsuit has been in place for over a year, but no real conclusions have been made yet.

What Happens Next?

George’s final outcome will be decided by a mediation session that has yet to be scheduled. In a phone interview, Bea said that there is only one thing she hopes to hear: “you can keep your baby”. Until then, George will continue living with his family. They have been extra cautious about taking him in public during this case, but they’re optimistic that this will have a happy ending.

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“It’s not over. This is basically round one,” said Bea. “George is doing great. He’s such a good boy. Everybody loves him. It would just be so hard to lose a member of this family.”

For now, George and his family just have to wait. It’s unfair that George is being punished for two small mistakes. Any dog can act out if provoked, but that doesn’t make them dangerous. George never meant to hurt anyone, and the court needs to see it that way.

All Bea and Thomas can do is hope that the county doesn’t force either of their harsh punishments on George, but if they do, it might be time for the family to relocate. After all, no dog lover would be okay with letting their dog die under these circumstances.

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Featured Image: localpups Flickr and Waukesha County Courthouse Facebook

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