Family Refused To Give Up On Their Missing Pups, Even After A Month-Long Search

The Medina family was devastated to learn that their two beloved pups had escaped from their backyard. After 4 weeks of endless searching, they were starting to lose hope.

Wakiya, a  2-year-old boxer-Boston terrier mix, and Kels, a 3-year-old pit bull, pushed through a broken portion of their fence last month. Even immediately hearing the sound of the dog’s crashing out, they were no where to be found.

They frantically searched their neighborhood, hoping they could catch up to their pups before they got too far. After walking the streets all night long, they realized that they would have to recruit the help of their friends.

Missing dogs
Michelle via FB

Michelle Medina posted in several Facebook groups, hoping to increase the chances of her beloved companions being found. Soon after, sightings began to pour in.

The two dogs were spotted in several local areas, but each time the Medinas arrived, they were gone again.

Their concern began to grow when they began to hear of sightings of Wakiya on her own. In all of the collected reports, Kels was nowhere to be found.

missing dogsmissing dogs
Michelle via FB

Wakiya and Kels had been attached at the hip since they were adopted, so the thought of them being lost without each other by their side broke the family’s heart. They knew they had to amp up their search efforts and bring their babies homes.

The Medinas tried every single tactic they could think of in an effort to find their missing pups. Some days they searched from sun up to sun down, they called their names on megaphones, they hung tasty treats and meat from tree branches around their home, and laid pieces of their clothing along their front lawn.

The Medinas were so passionate about the search for their beloved dogs, that the community organized their own search parties as well.

Sightings of Wakiya were popping up all over town, but it had been weeks since they received any sightings of Kels. Michelle was beginning to fear the worst, when she received an incredible phone call.

Kels had walked into the home of another local when she was calling her own dogs inside. Kels was safe and sound!

Though the Medina family was thrilled to be reunited with one of their furry children, it was accompanied by the dreadful feeling of knowing one pup was still out there.

missing dogsmissing dogs
Michelle via FB

It had now been 26 days since the pups first went missing, and the Medinas had lost all hope of ever finding their sweet Wakiya. Michelle says,

“I told myself, ‘I can’t do this anymore,’ At that point, either somebody had her or she was dead.”

After a shopping trip with her daughter, Michelle decided to make one more round around the city before they finally gave up. Thankfully for the exhausted family, this was the day that they had been waiting for.

As Michelle glanced at the passing houses, her daughter shouted, “Look!”

“There she was by the fence, just staring at us. It’s like she was there waiting for us, like she knew we were coming.”

Once the two of them began to run toward their sweet pup, Wakiya began to run in the other direction! Their search was not quite over.

Michelle had to speak with the owner of the property in which they saw Wakiya, where they agreed to set up a trap to catch their frightened pup. It turns out that Wakiya had been on that property for the last 10 days, living off wild rabbits and prairie dogs.

missing dogsmissing dogs
Michelle via FB

The next day they got the call that Wakiya was in the trap. They could finally bring their baby home!

The Medinas experienced a true nightmare in the month that their favorite furry friends were missing. They refused to give up on their pups, and because of that, they are home.

Thank you for never giving up, and fighting for the safe return of those beautiful dogs!

Image Source: Michelle’s FB

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