Fearful Rescue Dog Finds Comfort In Flowers

At only 4 months old, Tofu the rescue dog ended up at a Romanian kill shelter. Rosanne Van Zanten spotted a picture of the sweet puppy online and knew she had to save her. Tofu had to go on a 3-day road trip to get from Romania to her new home in the Netherlands, but the long journey was all worth it in the end. 

When Tofu arrived at her new home, everything was very scary to her. She had never received much love and kindness before, so she was unsure how to handle it. She feared many things, but she found comfort in flowers.

Image: @floofcouture/Instagram

Adjusting to Her New Home

From the beginning, Tofu was very different than her Border Collie sister named Se. In fact, Tofu almost acted more like a cat than a dog. She loved to cuddle in warm places to take a nap instead of playing. And unlike other dogs, Tofu didn’t like going outside, even for her daily walks. 

It’s unclear exactly what Tofu went through as a young pup, but she was clearly traumatized by it. As a puppy, she was afraid of everything, including men, children, other dogs, and even food. However, she always felt safe in a comfortable place with a bed or blanket.

Image: @floofcouture/Instagram

So, Van Zanten designed a special ‘fortress’ bed for Tofu to ensure that she stays comfortable at all times. When Tofu rests in these specially made beds, it’s clear that she’s happier than she’s ever been. Now, Van Zanten creates these beds for other dogs with anxiety, and Tofu is the model for new products.

However, while these adorable beds have given Tofu more comfort, they aren’t the only thing that has helped her. Van Zanten found that there were actually two outdoor things that Tofu loves: snow and flowers. She loves to play in the snow, but her love for flowers is even more beautiful.

Image: @floofcouture/Instagram

Finding Beauty in Flowers

When Tofu was about 8 months old, she saw her first flower field. When she was near the flowers, her typical fears didn’t show. Instead, she delicately hopped among the flowers and sat in the middle of them. 

Tofu could probably sit among a field of flowers forever if given the choice. She just looks so peaceful and so happy around them. So, Van Zanten started taking pictures of Tofu every time she visited some flowers.

Image: @floofcouture/Instagram

Ever since Tofu discovered the beauty of flowers, Van Zanten has brought her to every flower field they can find. She photographs the heartwarming moments that Tofu shares among the delicate plants. The sweet rescue dog almost treats the flowers like they’re her own friends. 

As a puppy, Tofu thought her life was about to come to an end. But thanks to her amazing new family, she has found a new meaning in life. With her comfortable bed and beautiful flowers, Tofu knows that she’s safe now. To see more adorable pictures of Tofu and her sister, check out her Instagram page.

Image: @floofcouture/Instagram

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Featured Image: @floofcouture/Instagram

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