Fi GPS Tracker Brings Lost Dogs Home

Despite our absolute best efforts to keep them contained, dogs can and will get loose from time to time. Some pups are determined to live the wild life, going to great lengths to scale fences in search of freedom. Others catch sight of something that looks worthy of a chase and make a break for it. No matter why or how often it happens, it’s a scary and stressful situation for the humans they’ve left behind.

Fi offers dog families an elegant, easy to use solution that will put minds at ease and bring roaming dogs back home. And the good folks at Fi are offering it to our iHeartDogs community at a deep discount!

How Fi Works

Fi is a collar outfitted with a sleek cellular device that constantly tracks your dog’s location anywhere in the US. Unlike any other product of this kind, Fi connects to AT&T’s LTE-M low power network. You don’t have to be with AT&T mobile to use the collar, by the way. The collar acts as its own cellular device and only sends data when needed, not all the time. This is important because it means the collar has an insanely long battery life.

It lasts three months between charges! Fasten it and forget it!

What Fi Does When Your Dog Gets Loose

Your Fi collar will be paired to the Fi app you will download on your phone. Simply open the app and you will see your dog’s location on a map. Fi has some super handy features that make finding your loose dog faster than ever. You can set up Safe Zones, such as your fenced in yard or property boundaries. If your pup leaves the Safe Zone, you will be instantly notified so that you can go get your dog and return them home quickly.

And get this. If you have a GPS subscription, you can set the collar to Lost Dog Mode. This enables faster location updates and allows you to turn on a flashing red light on the collar so you can easily spot him at night. The folks at Fi really thought of everything!

My Dog is Chipped, Though

Microchipping improves the odds of lost dogs being returned to their families…when they are utilized. A survey by the ASPCA found that only 15% of lost dogs were returned to their families via microchip scan or ID tags. Surprising, yes? Fi goes much further to protect your beloved pup. Put it like this. Microchips are like beepers while Fi is like a smart phone. Yes, they are both tools used to connect but one is far more sophisticated than the other.

Fi Helps Keep Your Dog Fit and Healthy

The step goal obsession is real. Now you and your pup can keep track of those steps and set daily, weekly, or monthly goals to keep her active, healthy, and fit. Wonder what your pup does all day when you’re gone? Fi can tell you if she’s stepping or lounging. Want to make sure the dog walker is making all the right rounds? Fi does that, too. You can even connect with other Fi dogs within the app and see how your pup’s steps compare.

How to Buy Fi

Fi is an absolute must for mamas of bonafide escape artists and anyone who wants the peace of mind of pinpointing their pup’s location anywhere in the US, all the time. Our dog loving community can get Fi for 50% off, or $75! Just enter the code XXXXX at check out and get all the benefits of Fi for this super special price.

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