Florida Family Has Heartwarming Reunion After Losing Home To Hurricane Michael


When Hurricane Michael hit the Florida panhandle, thousands of people and pets lost their homes. The winds tore away roofs while pounding rain sent floodwaters rushing through neighborhoods. People had to pack what they could to find safety, and amidst the chaos, many were separated from loved ones. For Patrick Burns and his family, Hurricane Michael almost ripped them apart. For days, they didn’t know what happened to their beloved dog, Quinn, but a kind stranger and diligent animal rescuers came through for them in the best way.

Before Hurricane Michael showed up on the weather channel’s radar, Patrick and his family planned a vacation. They lived in Panama City, Florida, and they hired a pet sitter to watch their three dogs while they were away from home. When the storm made landfall, Patrick was miles away from his beloved dogs. He was helpless to protect them, and when the pet sitter was forced to evacuate, his worst fears were realized.

By the time Patrick and his family made it back to their hometown, their house was gone. The storm had destroyed everything, and worst of all, their smallest dog, Quinn, had gone missing. The family was devastated, but they didn’t want to give up hope. They believed Quinn was out there somewhere, and they were determined to find him.

At the same time, another Panama City resident, Cory Bruckschen, was experiencing the same turmoil. His dog had also gone missing in the storm. He was out searching the streets and calling his dog’s name when he came across a different four-legged friend. He could tell the dog had a family that was probably looking for him, so he decided to take the small, long-haired dog to someone who could help. As it turned out, that dog was Quinn.

Cory took Quinn to the Humane Society of Bay County where ASPCA and the Florida State Animal Response Coalition were working together to help all the animals displaced by the hurricane. He showed the found dog to the staff and talked about how best to help. With so many lost dogs needing the shelter’s attention, Cory agreed to take Quinn home while he looked for his family.

Posted by ASPCA on Thursday, October 18, 2018

Cory was prepared to care for Quinn like his own dog, but it didn’t take long to hear back from the shelter. A few days later, Patrick and his wife showed up. They described their lost dog to a shelter worker, and Patrick let out tears of joy when he heard the good news. A meeting was arranged, and Cory brought Quinn to be reunited with his family.

The Burns family lost their house and all their possessions during Hurricane Michael, but all they care about is having their entire family back together. They got Quinn back because of the kindness of a stranger and the hard work of a shelter. Their path ahead won’t be easy, but they’ll face the future as a family reunited.

To complete this story, Cory and his family also found their lost dog shortly after saving Quinn’s life.

h/t: People, WJHG

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