Formerly Hairless Dog Reunites With Her Amazed Rescuer

Matt Bentley was riding his four-wheeler through the salt flats in Utah one night. Suddenly an animal appeared in the middle of a trail, so he stopped. His trip to Great Salt Lake Desert took on a new purpose when he saw the mysterious animal up close.

It turned out to be a cold, starving, hairless dog. The dog was suffering from one of the worst cases of mange imaginable. Bentley obviously worried about the dog’s condition, so he got him into his car for help. Bentley told The Dodo:

“I wasn’t even sure I was looking at a dog in the first place.”


The poor thing was shivering uncontrollably. Bentley brought her right to Utah Animal Adoption Center. They took over her care and began a long process of rehabilitation.


Kelly “The Warrior Dog” Meets Her Family

Jamie Jacques and her daughter Whitney came in to volunteer at Utah Animal Adoption Center. They had heard about the hairless homeless dog and wanted to meet her for themselves. Right away, it was love for Jacques and the dog she named “Kelly.” Jacques explained:

“Kelly had no fear. She just stared into my eyes. And from that moment I couldn’t wait to be able to pet her and love on her.”

To Jacques, it really was “an instant bond.” She stuck with Kelly throughout her treatment, and as her fur continued to slowly grow back.


Three months later, Kelly’s fur had grown in and she was doing great. She looked like an impossibly different dog than the one found wandering the salt flats at night. It was time for her to come home for good.

Kelly Instantly Fit Into Her New Family


Kelly now happily lives with Jamie and Whitney’s family. She even has a new doggie sibling: an 80-pound Goldendoodle named Rocky. They’re besties!

“Rocky basically took her by the hand, walked her through the house, and from that moment they’ve been inseparable.”


Despite the condition she was found in, Kelly is a sweet and affectionate dog.

“She just wants her head in your lap and she wants to be pet.”

Bentley Sees The Transformed Kelly

About 15 months after her rescue, Kelly’s new family decided it was time for her to meet up with her rescuer again. They planned to meet at the shelter that Bentley brought her to.

On the day, everyone was incredibly excited. Bentley even stopped on the way to buy Kelly a toy. When he finally approached her at last, her tail wagged furiously.


Bentley absolutely couldn’t believe how different Kelly looked since the day he rescued her. He joked aloud:

“You looked like a plucked chicken when I found you!”


He couldn’t help himself from petting her soft, newly full coat. He also couldn’t help but get emotional at her progress and happiness.

“It’s surreal. I knew I was going to tear up,”

I guess it often comes back to not judging a book by its cover when it comes to rescue dogs. This former “armadillo” of a pup is now a fluffy, beloved bundle of joy. It’s all thanks to Bentley for stopping his four-wheeler that night!

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