Furry Fire Survivor Is The Newest Firefighter In This Florida Town


After weeks of recovering from third-degree burns, a furry survivor named Ruby is ready for her second chance at life. She miraculously survived a devastating fire, and Palm Harbor Fire Rescue in Florida knew right away she was something special. She was a tiny puppy with a strong will to live, and now she’s going to live out her days as a town’s official fire dog.

Posted by Palm Harbor Fire Rescue on Friday, September 14, 2018

When Ruby was only a few months old, a fire broke out in her home in Blakely, GA. The flames ripped through the building and killed her owner and another dog. When the worst was over, firefighters searched everywhere for the missing pup. They sifted through the charred remains of the house, but Ruby was nowhere to be found. It was easy to assume the worst.

Two days later, building residents approached the rubble. They were looking for salvageable belongings, but they found something even better. Little Ruby, hurt and afraid, crawled out of the burnt building looking for help. She was rushed to the nearest emergency veterinarian and immediately treated for third-degree burns. From the location of her injuries, it looked like she ran directly through the flames to save her life.

Posted by Palm Harbor Fire Rescue on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Ruby received extensive care at an Alabama rescue group before being transferred to Suncoast Animal League in Palm Harbor. She spent months with a loving foster family slowly healing from her traumatic ordeal. When it was finally time to find her forever home, Palm Harbor firefighters knew they had to meet her.

Knowing her story of survival and meeting the cute pup in person sealed the deal. Palm Harbor Fire Rescue officially signed the adoption papers on September 12 and welcomed Ruby into their large, loving family. They plan to train their new fire dog to help educate the public about fire safety and prevention. Department spokesperson Elizabeth Graham told Fox 13,

“She already knows how to stop, drop, and roll, and we’ve been teaching her to crawl low under smoke.”

Ruby will visit schools to teach children the importance of fire prevention and safety and represent the fire department at local events. Firefighters also predict she’ll play a big role in station morale. Firefighter Tyrell Platt said,

“We do go through a lot; you know we see a lot of things. As a shift, as a department, having a dog around if you are having a low day or something, the dog is always going to be there, always be loving.”

Posted by Palm Harbor Fire Rescue on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Now that she’s officially adopted, the next step for Ruby is to be awarded her fire department badge. A ceremony will be held in her honor on October 12. She won’t be an official fire dog until she receives her badge, but Ruby is already a part of the Palm Harbor family. Town residents have dropped off food, treats, and toys to welcome their newest addition, and Ruby is making new friends everywhere she goes. The fire department is also raising money to build a fenced-in play yard for Ruby to use for training and down time.

What started as a devastating tragedy has led Ruby to her new life. She has become a symbol of survival and strength, and her fans are looking forward to the positive impacts she’ll have on her community.

h/t: Fox 13

Featured image via Facebook/Palm Harbor Fire Rescue

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