Georgia Shelter Celebrates ‘Adopt A Senior Pet Month’ With Waived Adoption Fees


November is for football and feasting, but it’s also about senior rescue pets looking for new homes. Shelters across the country spend the month of November celebrating their aging dogs and cats while promoting Adopt a Senior Pet Month. These are the pets that have graying fur and walk a little slower than their younger counterparts, but senior dogs and cats need good homes just as much as puppies and kittens. To celebrate Adopt a Senior Pet Month, Gwinnett County Animal Shelter in Lawrenceville, GA is having a “gray snout special.”

Green Bean, ID#64840, is a 12-year-old Lab mix. He is a very friendly, treat motivated old man who came to the shelter…

Posted by Gwinnett Animal Shelter on Monday, November 5, 2018

Determined to find senior pets the right homes, the local shelter is waiving adoption fees for dogs and cats over seven years old. Normally, senior shelter animals have an adoption fee of $20. Shelter staff reserves the right to deny potential adoptions in the interests of sending each animal to the perfect new home, and all adopters must be at least 18 years old. The shelter’s goal is for their senior residents to join families that will help them live out their lives in comfort and happiness.

Senior shelter animals are often glanced over and left behind. They’re passed over in favor of playful puppies, but Gwinnett County Animal Shelter knows older pets still have a lot to offer. Many of their senior residents are still active and enjoy long walks and public outings. They love a good game of fetch and are strong enough to hold their own in a game of tug. At the same time, most senior dogs already know their basic training and manners. They’re past the naughty puppy stage, and taking home an adult dog is often less stressful than having a new puppy.

Homer, ID#64486, is a 8-year-old Pit Bull mix. He is a very friendly old man who came to the shelter on October 7 after…

Posted by Gwinnett Animal Shelter on Thursday, October 11, 2018

Senior dogs are looking for families that will love them unconditionally and make their golden years the best years yet. A soft spot to sleep, healthy meals every day, and people to bond with are all they need. Gwinnett County Animal Shelter has several senior dogs more than ready to head home. There are big dogs, little dogs, mixed breeds, and purebreds. All dogs are spayed/neutered, are current with vaccines, and microchipped. The staff is happy to help adopters find animals that fit their personalities and lifestyles.

The gray snout special at Gwinnett County Animal Shelter is happening during the entire month of November. Visit their website to check out their hours, and you can also see the faces of adorable adoptable dogs on their Facebook page. Adopt a Senior Pet Month is the perfect time of year to extend your family and show a deserving dog how good their golden years can really be.

Featured image via Facebook/Gwinnett Animal Shelter

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