Got A Dog That Loves To Go Crazy With Their Toys? Then They Need This For Christmas


There’s no doubt your pup made it to the nice list this year, but picking out the perfect Christmas present is tricky. Between all the balls, ropes, frisbees, stuffed ducks, and squeaky pigs you’ve ever brought home, nothing has lived for the long-term. Your dog is a destroyer of toys, a teddy bear shredder, and she leaves behind stuffing and squeakers wherever she goes. You know she finds her destructive type of play to be the most fun, but that doesn’t mean you can keep charging your credit card with toys that won’t last. You want her Christmas gifts to survive at least until the new year, and iHeartDogs has the perfect present to put in her stocking.

The Destroy-A-Saurus™ is a dog toy made especially for dogs that love nothing more than ripping and shredding. It’s made with tough, all-natural woven hemp that withstands bites. Best of all, the toy is designed to be torn apart. Instead of going around picking up pathetic pieces of stuffing and fabric when your dog is done, you can reattach the pieces for your dog’s endless enjoyment.

All four of the Destroy-A-Saurus™ limbs are easily reattachable with sturdy rope and high-quality Velcro. It’ll take seconds to reset the toy so your dog can keep on ripping until she’s happy and tired. It’s a fun and enriching game to keep boredom at bay.

Besides the never-ending destructive fun, the Destroy-A-Saurus™ is also good for your dog’s teeth. The thick rope ball and sturdy fabric scrape away plaque while your dog plays. Your dog will have no idea she’s improving her oral health as she chews and chomps. The toy is also entirely biodegradable and completely chemical-free. There’s no need to worry about your pup biting into something that could spoil her holiday spirit.

Instead of buying a bunch of toys you know your dog will destroy in a matter of seconds, this tearable dog toy will hold up long after the tree comes down and the decorations go back in boxes. It satisfies a destroyer’s urge to rip things apart while keeping playtime safe and mentally engaging.

iHeartDogs customer Herbert bought one for his chew-happy pup and says,

“The greatest. Best pet toy on the planet. Our little Terrier girl succeeds in getting an arm off…..and we reattach. Bought one for a friend’s dog…..loves it.”

If there’s one toy your pup wants from Santa Paws, it’s the dinosaur that can be destroyed over and over. And if your dog’s excitement isn’t enough, every purchase of a Destroy-A-Saurus™ donates a new toy to a shelter dog in need.

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