Great Dane Who Helped Little Girl Walk Again Gets ‘Best Day Ever’

How would you describe your ‘best day ever’? One service dog got a day off from his work assisting with the recovery of one special little girl. Thanks to BarkPost, and his tremendous support to his human, a Great Dane got to experience his very own “Best Day Ever.” Get the tissues handy, because this story is so beautiful it may bring a tear to your eye.

Bella and George hugging
​Source: BarkPost YouTube

The Power of a Support Dog

To understand the impact George the Great Dane had on his human, Bella, you need only to hear from Bella’s mom. Rachel Burton told BarkPost,

“He has changed the life of my daughter.”

Bella Burton is a precocious and tough, young woman. She suffers from a rare disorder called Morquio Syndrome. Because of the genetic disorder, Bella spent her young life using crutches or a wheelchair to get around. That all changed when she met George.

Bella and her mother volunteered at Service Dog Project. The Massachusetts-based organization, trains Great Danes to be service dogs. After volunteering for a year, Bella found her match with George.

Megan Kokaras, a trainer at Service Dog Project, said they instantly connected. One day Bella climbed up and sat next to George. The pup put his head in her lap and looked at her lovingly. The rest was history.

Once they matched, George was trained to help Bella become more mobile. Bella told BarkPost, “The first time I walked with George it was amazing. I hadn’t walked in so long and now I get to do it again.”

Now, George supports Bella while she walks. He acts as a crutch and steady physical support. For all his hard work, Bella believed her dog deserved a day off. Maybe she could fit him with a saddle. We love to see those photos.

“George works extremely hard,” she said. “He made me more independent than I ever could be.”

BarkPost agreed. They gave George a reward.

George and Bella sleddingGeorge and Bella sledding
​Source: BarkPost YouTube

Best. Day. Ever.

George truly had a spectacular day. First, he, Bella, and Bella’s mom went to the Fairmont Copley Plaza hotel in Boston. George received a hero’s welcome. Hotel employees cheered and applauded as they arrived.

Because George is typically on the job, he does not get to indulge in human food. His best day was different. George and his family visited Wahlburgers where George ate an entire tray of burgers. Yum! He also visited a treat store where he collected more goodies.

Next, Bella and George did one of their favorite activities: sledding. They played in the snow and George even wore a smart blue coat.

After all the excitement, they went back to the hotel where George received tons of toys and a massive bed in their very own suite.

For all his hard work, George truly deserves such a wonderful day. Watch the touching video below!

[embedded content][embedded content]H/T Paw Buzz
Featured image c/o Barkpost YouTube

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