Grieving Woman Gets Sign That Late Dog Is Watching Over Her

Some things in life are a mystery, but Instagram influencer Lucy Ledgeway knows exactly what she saw after her dog passed away. Sunny, her family’s beloved Parson Russell Terrier, had died only hours earlier. Ledgeway was devastated and didn’t know how to handle her sadness.

But then, as she was going for a drive, she spotted something incredible. Out her window, she was given a beautiful reminder that Sunny will forever be in her heart. That’s because she saw the little pup looking down on her in the sky.

Remembering Sunny

Sunny was 14 years old and had diabetes. The family knew she was nearing the end of her life, but they were scared to say goodbye. Sadly, they were on their way to the vet when Sunny passed away.

Image: @lucyledgeway/Instagram

Ledgeway’s dad had been holding the pup in the passenger seat during the drive. Before they even reached the vet, Sunny had a seizure and passed away in his arms. The little dog’s death was even more sudden than they had expected.

“Sleep tight my gorgeous girl,” Ledgeway wrote on Instagram. “I can’t believe you’re gone, it just doesn’t feel right. You’ll make the most amazing friend to all the other dogs in dog heaven.”

After Sunny’s death, Ledgeway’s boyfriend took her for a drive to help her clear her head. In the car, she sat in the same seat that Sunny had passed away in. It only made her miss the pup even more. But then, she saw something magical.

Image: @LLedgeway/Twitter

All Dogs Go to Heaven

When Ledgeway looked out the window, she saw the most incredible sight. There, in the clouds, was Sunny’s face. The clouds formed the dog’s head, along with her eyes and nose. It was clear that Sunny was looking down on her. It was the most comforting thing Ledgeway had ever experienced.

“I was crying to my boyfriend in the seat she died in just hours before, telling Tom ‘All I want is a sign she’s okay,” Ledgeway said. “I was looking at the clouds and I just felt in me that I’d see her and I did. I looked up and she was looking at me through the clouds. After that, I just felt happiness and I was content just knowing she’s okay.”

Image: @LLedgeway/Twitter

Ledgeway posted images of the event on her Twitter page. To her surprise, she was quickly overwhelmed with positive responses. In fact, many people even commented to say that they’d also experienced a sign that their dogs were looking down on them. Then, they shared photos of their late dogs along with a cloud formation of them. The resemblances are truly incredible!

Some people might not believe in miracles, but there’s no denying that this experience was heartwarming. It proves that all dogs go to heaven, and many of them likely watch over us to make sure we’re okay. After all, when we lose a dog, they remain in our hearts forever. Rest in peace, Sunny.

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Featured Image: @LLedgeway/Twitter

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