Groomers Spruce Up Abandoned Dog & Find Him The Perfect New Home


Debo arrived at Detroit’s Canine to Five boarding and grooming shop three weeks ago. The 2-year-old Pit-Boxer mix was timid, malnourished and crawling with fleas. He also had wounds on his face.

Debo’s “owner” requested a bath and nail trim before heading to his car to get his wallet. He never came back.

“He probably was 15 pounds less than he is now, really shy, really scared,” Liz Blondy, owner of Canine to Five, told Fox News.

Rather than calling animal control or dropping him at a shelter, a Canine to Five staff member made Debo her special project. She cleaned him up, took him home, and began the process of healing his body and spirit.

After three weeks of  tender loving care and proper nutrition, Debo was flea-free, several pounds heavier, and his scrapes had healed. It was time to begin the search for his forever family.

His friends at the grooming shop shared the following post via Facebook Thursday at 8 AM. They also spoke with Fox News to help spread the word.

Just 34 hours later, they updated the post – Debo was adopted!

With Debo off to start a brand new life, Canine to Five shared photos of several other shelter dogs awaiting homes in Detroit. They also pointed out that Saturday December 1 is Empty the Shelter day, with local adoptions just $20 at participating shelters.

It seems Debo found himself in the right grooming shop!

“We’re lucky that people chose to drop him off here instead of an alley or an abandoned building,” Blondy said.

She added the staff would miss him, but that they are so grateful for all the public support. Debo’s days of neglect are officially  over!

H/T to Fox News

Featured Image via Facebook/Canine to Five Detroit

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