Heartwarming Video As Family Reunites With Pup That Went Missing After Near Fatal Crash

It was supposed to be a family Memorial Day Weekend beach vacation. The family, loaded in the car with their lovable dog, were ready for a weekend of fun in the sun. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. The Williams family trip to Topsail Beach quickly changed from a fun getaway to a survival story.

It Happened In An Instant

The Williams family lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Over the holiday weekend, they packed up their car and set off for Topsail Beach to get away. The idyllic day turned terrifying when the car experienced a near-fatal crash. Thankfully, the humans involved in the wreck survived without physical harm.

Car Crash
Source: Abby Williams

But in the chaos and horror of the crash, their dog Ivy became confused and got lost. The family’s matriarch, Abby Williams posted this message on Facebook:

Our family was in a terrible car accident yesterday and our dog, Ivy, escaped through a window and ran off. Please help us find her! We are 3 hours from home. She doesn’t know the area and may be injured. Please contact us if you have seen her. She is microchipped. Thank you so much!

Source: Abby Williams

A Traumatic Experience With A Happy Ending

This was not a typical fender bender. The car flipped on its side. The crash left the car totaled and the family badly shaken. Williams said, “Ivy was so scared, she bolted as soon as the car stopped rolling. We have not seen her since.”

Ivy left the car through a broken window. The badly damaged vehicle had only one option for exit: the same window. The family looked around the immediate area thoroughly but they could not find their cream-colored Wheaten Terrier.

The Williams family got help in their quest to find Ivy from the Wilmington, NC – Lost Dogs, Cats & Pets Facebook community. The page posted Ivy’s picture. It said she wears a pink collar, has a microchip, gold eyes, and black ears. In a sign of community support, the post was shared more than 600 times. 

Abby posted updates to her followers to get the word out.

The family waited for days. They received a glimmer of hope one evening. Someone spotted Ivy one night in a park. But Ivy quickly disappeared again.

And then, the best news of all: Brunswick County Sheriff’s Animal Protective Services found Ivy! This is what Abby said on Facebook:

Here is a heartwarming video of the family reuniting with their beloved pup. 
Featured Image: Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook

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