Help Us Fly Bentley To The Forever Home He Deserves!

A dog named Bentley found himself in a desperate situation when he was surrendered to an overcrowded animal shelter in Tulsa. Though Bentley is a striking pup with an abundance of love to offer, he faced an imminent risk of euthanasia due to the shelter’s full capacity.

While the animal shelters in Oklahoma are doing everything they can for their furry residents, they can only do so much when each kennel is filled. The devastating impact of COVID-19 has not only affected our nation’s economy but has resulted in animal shelters being filled to the brink. With unemployment rates at an ultimate high and fur parents facing financial stress, owner surrenders in Oklahoma are surging. This also means that fewer families are in a position to adopt a furry friend in need.

Bentley Second Chance cover

The shelter was out of space the day Bentley walked through their doors, meaning they would have to euthanize another dog in order to make room. The staff was unwilling to accept this scenario, and Bentley was offered the second chance he always deserved.

Just when it seemed like it was too late, an incredible opportunity swept Bentley off his paws. Bentley was added to the list of deserving pups that are awaiting an upcoming journey that will only be possible with your help!



iHeartDogs has partnered with and Wings of Rescue to create the Operation Second Chance: Oklahoma Pet Rescue Flight. On July 18th 2020, iHeartDogs will sponsor a flight of 150 pets out of Oklahoma, where they will make their way to no-kill shelters and rescues in Michigan. With such a high adoption rate in the area, their chance at finding a forever family is much, much higher! Rescued from the crowded shelter, a future in a loving home is now possible for Bentley.



In the days leading up to this life-saving transport, you’ll have the chance to help each and every pup make their way to the future of their dreams. With options for direct donation and proceeds of the Second Chance Movement products going directly toward the flight, you will play a direct role in changing their lives forever!



We’ve released exclusive Second Chance Movement products that will help you spread the word about this important mission, as well as help dogs like Bentley in the process. Be sure to check out the list of products below, and keep up with us on Facebook to watch these lovable pups take flight!

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