Here, You’ve Earned This Goldie Going Down A Water Slide

Browsing the web lately can be quite anxiety-inducing. There’s a lot of negative energy across the net these days. That’s why I’m here to help soothe that anxiety and push away the negativity by presenting one very good piece of the internet. It involves an enthusiastic Golden Retriever named Bento.

Bento and his family live in Brazil. Fortunately for this pup, that gives them pretty good access to beaches. Bento loves the beach, and he adores sliding on his furry belly into the water. On his Instagram page, two videos show this adorable dog engaging in his favorite activity.


Barely able to contain his excitement, Bento first watches as his person goes down the slide on a board. After a safe enough distance to avoid a crash, his leash-wrangler lets him follow. And follow that boy does!


He leaps onto his belly and enjoys a slippery route all the way down into the water.

Yes, he’s imitating his people’s actions. But Bento absolutely loves water sliding! A caption on the video explained how much Bento immediately took to the water slide.

“A primeira vez foi só para conhecer, mas gostei tanto que fui de novo.”

(Approximate English translation: “The first time was just to try it, but I liked it so much I wanted to go again.”)

Watch these adorable plunges below:

In addition to slides, Bento seems pretty content to jump and dive into water too. So long as he ends up paddling around.

You’ll definitely want to give Bento’s Instagram a follow. This dog photographs like a dream! Obviously he’s very cute, and his people have been posting adorable pics since he was a baby.

Goldens grow larger pretty quickly and Bento was no exception. Fortunately, he’s just as cute a full-grown Golden as he was a puppy.


I hope this slice of Bento’s life made a positive impact on your web-browsing experience today!

Why Dogs Imitate Their Humans’ Behaviors

Even though he learned immediately that he loved it, Bento probably didn’t know what a water slide was before his person went down it. Still, he went all the way down to the water that way.

Friederike Range, lead author of a study published in Royal Society B, concluded that dogs unconsciously or at least involuntarily imitate many human behaviors.

“This suggests that, like humans, dogs are subject to ‘automatic imitation;’ they cannot inhibit online, the tendency to imitate head use and/or paw use.” Friederike Range via Seeker

This tendency to imitate has benefited them evolutionarily. Watching a person and doing what they do often comes naturally to them.

But to take the optimist’s perspective on these videos: Bento just really likes water slides and can’t get enough of them!

H/T: Cesars Way
Featured Image: @LifeWithBento/Instagram

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