Here’s How To Share Your Favorite Seasonal Flavors With Your Dog!


It’s amazing what a little treat can do for your day – especially this time of year. The streets and stores may be packed with busy shoppers, but rest assured that you can step into any bakery, no matter the hub-bub, and take a big, deep breath of “ahhhh!” It’s the time of year where the smells of ginger, cinnamon and sugar are wafting through the air. Sometimes you have to stop running around, sit a moment, and get yourself something warm with your favorite flavors of the season. A small, sweet treat can do wonders for your mood and lift your spirits for the whole day!

The foods we love aren’t always safe for our dogs, but The Dog Bakery has made it possible for our dogs to feel the relief and joy we get from some of our favorite seasonal flavors! Their snacks are packed with ingredients chosen not just for their taste, but for their nutritional value, too! Check out some of the new seasonal snacks that The Dog Bakery has rolled out!

Cinnamon Latte Puppuccino Gift Set

These soft, chewy treats are exactly what your dog would order at the coffee shop if he could! He gets to savor the delicious, delectable flavor of cinnamon, ginger and allspice, and you’ll know that they’re made with dog-safe ingredients, like chia seeds and oats! The accompanying Eggnog Puppuccino is decaf, served squeaky!

Holiday Donuts For Dogs

Everyone knows what a big deal donuts in the break room are. You can give your dog the same feeling when you gift him his own half-dozen holiday donuts! The colored coconut is both festive and totally safe for dogs. They’re just not safe for the counter – dogs aren’t shy about eating a whole box in one sitting!

Gingerbread Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Your fur-kid may not be able to participate in cookie decorating, but he can definitely do all the cookie-eating! These gingerbread people don’t have the sugar, icing, chocolate, or gumdrop buttons – and they’re so tasty your dog won’t even miss the decorations! That’s what makes them safe for your pup! Did anything ever sound as good as “gingerbread peanut butter?”

With a simple, delicious treat you can turn your dog’s blah day into something really extraordinary – and he’ll thank you for it! The Dog Bakery has all kinds of treats that are good for your dog’s body and his soul!

Check out these treats and more at The Dog Bakery!

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