Heroic Dog Donates His Blood To Save Another Dog’s Life

Whenever humans need life-saving blood donations, there are blood blanks around the world that can offer the blood we so desperately need. While dogs are just as susceptible to severe injuries and diseases that require blood transfusions, their sources of blood are much more limited. Thankfully for an ill dog named Danny in India, there was a heroic pup that was willing to help!

Danny is a 13-year-old Spitz that was suffering from the effects of chronic kidney disease. The lasting impacts of the disease resulted in him needing a lifesaving blood transfusion, leading to them reaching out to any willing canine blood donors in the area for help. Danny’s fur parents were so dedicated to saving his life, they traveled to another city in India just to meet with the canine hero that was able to donate.

blood donor dog

“He has chronic renal failure and as a result he needs blood. We don’t often get blood donors as a result of the limitations of awareness and also because the treatment is comparatively new in Kolkata. We are glad that we got a donor for Danny.” – Dr Debajit Roy

Anindya Chatterjee took his Labrador, Siya, into his local animal clinic once he heard about Danny’s dire situation. Because Siya is so lovable and social, blood donation was a breeze! Anindya mentions how the 15-minute process went so smoothly for this canine hero, they didn’t even need any sedation or a muzzle to get the amount they needed. A quick procedure resulted in a life saved!

blood donor dogblood donor dog

“She smartly went and donated blood, that too, without wearing a muzzle. It took her around 15 minutes. I’m proud today because of her” – Anindya Chatterjee

Blood donation for dogs is becoming more of a common practice in the United States that there are quite a few organizations that focus on making canine blood accessible for those that need it. These organizations accept willing donators in multiple locations and then ship the blood to animal clinics around the country to have on hand in emergencies.

blood donor dogblood donor dog

Though there are organizations that provide canine blood to the public, these companies are often running low due to the high demand for blood and the high instance of canine emergencies around the country. Because of this, many animal clinics offer their clients the opportunity to have their furry friend donate blood directly to them. Many times, these clinics offer discounted rates or other incentives to have willing donors come through their doors. This quick and easy procedure can result in a life saved, and have your favorite canine friend walk away as the hero you always knew they were!

If you’re interested in registering your dog as a canine blood donor, be sure to reach out to the clinics in your area, or check out this list of canine blood banks around the country.

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