High-Risk Shelter Pleads for Help for Young Pup. Now He’s Safe at Home!

Part of each sale through the iHeartDogs store is donated to Greater Good, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible.

Thanks to a grant from GreaterGood.org funded by the iHeartDogs.com community, dogs like Jeff are given a second chance through transport by the Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team (START).

“The pleas were going around. A great dog, Jeff, was in danger at the tiny rural Delano, CA. Animal Shelter. A personal one came directly from the shelter: ‘Jeff continues to get left behind, he’s been here two months. He is a GREAT dog, only 18 months, who has passed all our tests and loves other dogs and cats. German Shepherd rescue felt so bad about not being able to take him, they have donated for him to have a safe exit. All the fires and other emergencies have filled the rescues and shelters forcing good dogs to wait for their turn. Do you have a well- respected placement for Jeff? We truly LOVE this guy. Thank you.’

“START transported Jeff from the Delano shelter to Menifee, CA. the day before transport, but there was no available crate. Jeff is so well trained and a cuddle bug that he rode in the jump seat with our Pet Attendant. Within 10 days of arriving at Reedsport, Oregon, Jeff got adopted!”


A Message from his new Mom:

“We’ve lived through potty training (too long in kennels can cause them to forget), fleas, tummy problems, underweight non-eating, injury, leash training and fear. My favorite sunglasses cannot be glued back together. But, nothing can take away the love in his eyes, or, the feeling in my heart when I hear him snoring. We love Jeff SO SO SO much.”

Every shelter dog deserves a second chance. You’re helping them get one every time you shop from the Second Chance Movement in the iHeartDogs store! Your purchases help fund miles of transport for dogs from high-risk shelters to the safety of a no-kill facility!

Funds 4 miles of transport!

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