High-Tech Animal Shelter Gives Pets A Taste Of Home Before Adoption


Technology has a million amazing applications, but the Wallis Annenburg PetSpace is using technology to get the word out about their pups in ways we never imagined!  Unlike other shelters we’ve seen, the Annenburg PetSpace doesn’t have wire kennels. Each adoptable pet gets his own suite with a television that plays pet-friendly shows to entertain him while he waits!

Visitors can learn about each pet on a mega-sized screen outside its suite. Each pet has a profile – not entirely unlike the kind you might have if you were looking for love online. Only these pets are looking for the love of a family! If you meet someone too cute NOT to share, you can instantly send their profile to family and friends from the screen.

It may look high-tech and swanky, but everything has a purpose. This technology helps visitors get to know each pet on a more personal level, and the individual suites can give more privacy to dogs who may become anxious in a shelter environment. It’s an incredible example of what a shelter can be, compared to what we think of when we hear “animal shelter.”

Veterinarian and Animal Care Manager Dr. J.J. Rawlinson tells iHeartDogs,

“One of the goals of Wallis Annenberg PetSpace is to illustrate a unique approach to pet adoption. We work hard to change the perception of what a pet adoption space and the process can look like.

“Each pet’s adoption suite is intended to resemble a living room, rather than a kennel. When you see a pet in a suite that mimics a home environment, it helps you picture what a pet could be like in your own home. Each area in our space is designed to feel inviting, encouraging people to return and build long-lasting connections to pets.”

Though the space can mimic the look of a real home and provide friendship and care, it can’t give a pet the connection and love that only a family can provide.

“While we take pride in the level of care and support we provide for all of our adoptable pets, the bond between a pet parent and an animal is very unique. They truly flourish in a loving home situation, where a dog can have a place of their own.”

See more of the Annenburg PetSpace in this video from NBC News:

November is National Adopt A Senior Dog month, and the Annenburg PetSpace is inviting visitors to meet the senior dogs at their Senior Pet Adoption Fair on November 24th, 2018. Senior dogs have so much to offer a new family, but don’t often get the chance to show it.

“Senior dogs are often overlooked at shelters, due to concerns over lifespan and health needs. The reality is that pets can have much longer lifespans with proper veterinary care and attention at home. These dogs make wonderful companions and deserve our love and attention.

While younger dogs are very rewarding, they require a lot of work, training, and attention. Often times, senior dogs are already house-trained and socialized, making the adoption process much easier. Many understand basic commands and are ready to relax in their new home.”

Currently, the Annenburg PetSpace is doing its part to help California’s pets as the state battles multiple dangerous wildfires. They’re waiving their adoption fees for pets while they help Los Angeles shelters make room for more pets who are becoming displaced due to fires.

Check out the Wallis Annenburg PetSpace online, and don’t forget to visit their huge Senior Pet Adoption Fair on November 24th from 11AM to 3PM!

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