Horrific Act of Cruelty Captured as Woman Dumps Puppies. But Justice Is Served!

This sorry excuse for a human being was captured on a security camera pulling up to a set of dumpsters and casually tossing a bag into a heap of garbage. What trash was she so eager to dump, you ask?

Seven tiny, living, breathing PUPPIES. In a bag. Thrown to the pile like last week’s leftovers.

Good Samaritans Save the Day

About an hour later a man was rummaging for anything of value in the bins. He was surely surprised to find the wriggling, writhing little pups in their would-be casket. The man placed the bag of puppies at the front of an auto parts store, and they were found by a good samaritan.

Thanks to the fortunate timing of the puppies’ saviors, all seven of the babies are reportedly in good condition and being cared for by a foster mom with an Orange County rescue organization.

An Arrest is Made

Stories of the disgusting act began flooding social media and the hunt was on. TMZ asked readers to help ID the woman, who drove a white Jeep Wrangler to the retail center in Coachella. It is unknown who identified the woman but the attention and outrage surely fueled the fire and helped bring her to justice.

Suspect Deborah Sue Culwell has been arrested in Orange County on seven felony counts of animal cruelty and seven misdemeanor counts for abandoning the dogs. If convicted, she could do seven years in the big house.

She Had 38 Dogs Living at Her House

As if this story wasn’t heartbreaking enough, there’s more. Animal Control Officers discovered more than three dozen dogs at the suspect’s home. The officers worked well into the evening removing the animals, who were living in a “state of disrepair.”

Photo credit Riverside County Animal Services

The 38 confiscated dogs have been taken to Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms for further evaluation. Animal Service Officers hope to identify the mama dog and reunite her with her puppies. If a story ever needed a silver lining, it’s this one and that would be positively brilliant!

Facing cruelty inflicted on the innocent fills us with despair. How could someone do that? How could she just drive home and live with herself? If she can do that to a litter of newborn, completely helpless puppies, what else is she capable of? What abuses have her other pups suffered in her “care?”

It boggles the mind how depraved a human being can behave.

There is absolutely NO excuse for this reprehensible behavior. Someone who wants to get rid of animals has countless options.

Hug your puppies extra tight tonight and send some gratitude into the world for all the fosters that lovingly care of the tired, hungry, and unwanted masses of puppies.

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