How This Bracelet Fed 2,665,300 Homeless Dogs

BIG NEWS: We’ve raised over $120,000 to provide service dogs for US veterans!

As many of you know, iHeartDogs has a passion and purpose around supporting shelter and rescue dogs in need. Many of these homeless pups come from life threatening situations and suffer abuse, malnourishment, and injury. Many have been simply forgotten.

A few years ago, we came up with a way to provide meals to these beautiful pups while they wait at shelters for their forever home. We went to the drawing board and designed a timeless bracelet, beautiful and practical at the same time. This is where our passion and purpose comes in: Every bracelet purchased, funds meals for shelter dogs.

We had no idea what would happen next…

Dog lovers all over the world jumped on board. Turns out – many dog lovers had the same passion and purpose that we did. People were buying them for themselves, for friends, and as gifts for other dog lovers.  To date, this bracelet has provided an unbelievable 2,665,300 shelter dogs with a healthy, nourishing meal.

Shop This Beautiful Bracelet & More

Since launching, we’ve designed many other additional jewelry pieces that are perfect for the dog lover who wants to make an impact in the lives of all those homeless dogs in need. All of the items below are still available for purchase. Many pieces fund 30 meals for shelter dogs!

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