How Your Relationship With Your Dog Affects Your Mind & Body


You probably don’t need a scientist to tell you that your dog makes you feel happier and more relaxed, but did you know that your mind and body actually have physical responses to being around your four-legged best friend?

In the Business Insider video below, author Meg Olmert, who wrote Made For Each Other: the Biology of the Human-Animal Bond, discusses how dogs and humans have developed a symbiotic relationship. As a matter of fact, she notes that pups who are loved by their humans are even more generous with the love they give back.

You know your dog can make you feel better on a bad day (or any day, for that matter!), and science backs this up: being with your dog helps lower your heart rate and blood pressure, and helps regulate your heartbeat. And in your brain, there’s a release of oxytocin, opioids, adrenaline, and serotonin. In fact, oxytocin was originally associated with mothers being able to care for their babies — could this be why we love our dogs like they’re our children?

In the fascinating video below, you’ll learn how dogs were domesticated into the four-legged family members we adore today, and how they change our lives for the better.

Pretty cool, right?

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