Hundreds Come Forward To Adopt Noseless Rescue Dog


Sniffles, a senior rescue pooch without a nose, became a viral sensation this week when Florida-based Poodle and Pooch Rescue put out a call for potential adopters. After an overwhelming response from across the country, the group announced they are currently weeding through “200+ emails, voice messages, social media inquires and applications” in order to choose the perfect forever home for the special pup.

Little Sniffles was first rescued in July 2017 by the Puerto Rican group, Rabito Kontento (Happy Tails). He was then adopted by a Florida family in early 2018. While his friends at the rescue were ectstatic, their joy was short-lived. On December 19, Sniffles escaped his home and was captured by animal control.

It wasn’t the first time Sniffles had run away, so Rabito Kontento decided it was best he be rehomed. At first they considered bringing him back to Puerto Rico where his adoption opportunities would be limited. Instead, they teamed up with the dedicated folks at Poodle and Pooch Rescue to help him find a home in the states.

Sniffles was suffering from hookworm and roundworm infections, indicating he was not being properly cared for. His new pals at Poodle and Pooch went to work restoring his health, and on December 24 they were ready to share his loveably unique face with the world!

After his one-of-a-kind mug went viral, much speculation circulated about how Sniffles lost his nose. Some suspected he was born that way, but Rabito Kontento took to Facebook to share his heartbreaking backstory. Once known as “Otto,” they believe he was attacked by a pack of dogs during his time as a stray in Puerto Rico. His wounds were so severe it took several surgeries to repair the damage.

Sniffles was left with crooked, protruding teeth, a missing nose, and a signature snort – none of which have prevented dog lovers from falling in love with him!

In their most recent update, Poodle and Pooch expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming support they have received on Sniffles’ behalf. They are asking those touched by the special pup’s story to consider adopting one of the many other deserving dogs in their care.

“Sniffles is going to be a-okay and we ask that you please set your sights on some of our other dogs in need….Squeaky, Checkers, Jasmine, Noel, Savannah and Dolly (just to name a few!). And if you are not in a position to adopt, we hope that you will consider donating (blue donate button on our FB page or any donate button on our website at so that we can save other special needs dogs that are running stray or at animal controls around the state.”

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